“iCouch converts TV content into mobile content”

Rabi Gupta, Co-Founder, iCouch shares his insights with Dataquest.

Q. What’s iCouch’s USP? Who is the target audience?
iCouch’s USP is it’s user engagement platform and an end to end solution which provides TV channels an opportunity to convert their on-air audience into their mobile audience. Our target audiences are the people who are in the business of content creation and distribution like TV Channels or original artists.


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Q. What type of challenges do you see in the market, especially in the media space where you are competing?
One of the biggest challenges is to convince content owners that they need to get out of their traditional mindset and start thinking mobile first. Since all media companies are huge we also sometime see sales cycle becoming too long.

Q. What is the value addition you promise to a media company?
First of all media companies are media companies. They are not technology companies hence their core is creating and distributing content. Our pitch to media companies is that we will provide an end to end mobile solution to engage and monetize their audience on

Apps. Our product is far superior and our solution is quite revolutionary.

Q. What’s your roadmap?
Keep getting more and more TV Channels and content creators on-board. Keep building the audience network and our Consumer App platform to stay ahead in the game. Start building a strong monetization platform for our clients.

Q. What is the level of funding you have got and from whom?
We have been part of The Morpheus accelerator program and after that raised 2 rounds of Angel funding. Some of our investors include Rajan Anandan (Google), Ashok Kurien (Zee TV Board), Pallav Nadhani, Abhishek Rungta, Yezdi Lashkari, Lakshmi Narasimhan.

Q. As a startup, what challenges do you face?
First challenge is team. Once you have a good team it’s all about finding the right product-market fit. Once that is done it’s all about getting more funding and building scale. Any good startup has to face and win over these challenges to succeed.

Q. Any other information which you want to share?
We have crossed 1 million users on iCouch platform.