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ICICI Bank launches API banking portal with nearly 250 APIs

ICICI Bank API banking portal reduces time span to few weeks and even days for partners to integrate the APIs to their business solutions

ICICI Bank announces the launch of an API Banking portal, consisting the maximum number of virtual APIs (application programming interfaces) put together by any Indian bank, said a release from the company. It enables partner companies to co- create customer solutions in a frictionless manner and in a fraction of time usually taken for such integration, thereby significantly increasing their productivity. APIs are a set of instructions, which enable third party applications to communicate with the Bank’s various technology applications and collaborate to bring in new customer propositions.

The ‘ICICI Bank API Banking portal’, which consists of 250 APIs, enables developers of prospective partner companies across the globe to sign up on it, create an application, select the application, test it out and get the sample code. With this, businesses, fintechs, corporates and e-commerce start-ups can partner with the Bank and co- create innovative customer solutions in a frictionless manner, all from the convenience of a single portal.

The usage of ‘ICICI Bank API Banking Portal’ simplifies the process of digital collaboration for a partner company with the Bank and reduces the time taken to develop a business solution to a few days. Typically, an API integration would take a few months.

The APIs are available across an array of categories including payments and collections like IMPS, UPI payment/collection, accounts and deposits and cards and loans. After testing the solution on the sandbox environment, developers can upgrade to the UAT environment for end to end real-time testing, post signing an NDA with the Bank. Additionally, the portal incorporates a detailed workflow for conveniently moving the API solution to the final production stage, thereby eliminating the hassles of manual to and fro.

Step-by-step workflow available on the ICICI Bank API Banking Portal

Sign up on the ICICI Bank API Banking Portal at www.developer.icicibank.com.

Select the Required Category’ (for example “Business Banking”) category for the payment API.

Review the documentation and test your application integration to virtual APIs.

Request for upgrade to the UAT environment on portal and sign an NDA with the Bank.

Request for upgrade to the live environment on portal.

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