IBM’s PureData helps tame big data

Changing needs in businesses are driving technology innovation. The most critical factors are about bringing in rapid changes in strategy, addressing growing complexity in the IT investments and the need to show immediate results.

IBM PuresystemNew business problems are solved by technology unleashing innovation to manage the velocity of change. Innovators bring about smarter and sharper ways of solving problems. These innovators enhance their business by building deeper and valuable relationships. IBM is promising its customers the “PureData Systems” edge.

IBM today announced the expansion of its PureSystems range of expert integrated systems with the introduction of PureData System, at Interconnect 2012 event in Singapore.

The new PureData system claimed to be up and running with considerably lower timeline, taking hours to days to accomplish what took a huge amount of deployment days.

This range of Expert Integrated System is built by the expertise that IBM has in various domains, integrated by design and simplified by experience is expected to deliver and improve business results. Now, clients can more efficiently manage and quickly analyze petabytes of data in minutes and intelligently use those insights to support specific business goals across their organization including marketing, sales and business operations.

The range consists of Pure DataSystem for Transactions, Pure DataSystem for Analytics, followed by PureData System for Operational Analytics.

Claimed to be 66 pc faster in terms of set-up time, 72 pc lesser in terms of cost, it has a built-in unified infrastructure management.

Steve Mills, SVP and Group Executive, IBM Software and Systems in his keynote presentation said, “Reduced complexity, accelerated time to value and improved IT economics” are critical reasons for C-level executives to go in for PureData System.


“Customers are looking for technology to providing value and advantage by making investments for better outcomes,” said Steve Mills. He went on to say that 23 pc of the IT projects are delayed worldwide and the main reasons for these delays are tuning and trouble shooting which comprise about 45 pc, integrating and configuring related delays take yet another 45 pc and the rest are installation related delays.

“It’s a unique product built with both hardware and software built into it, helping business manage their business related challenges ground up,” according to Robert LeBlanc, SVP, IBM Middleware software.

Customers leave a huge amount of digital exhaust or a trail during every transaction. Transforming these chunks of data into intelligent insights helps business. Telcos, financial services, retailers and e-commerce businesses lead in huge data.

While data still is available, a quicker, more efficient BI can have tremendous impact both on the top and bottom lines of companies. IBM recently acquired Netezza, a very interesting BI company and has built in its efficiencies into the PureData System for Analytics.

The Pure system has a built-in work load optimized integrated management, single point support and automated built-in maintenance. Primer healthcare alliance which represents over 2700 US hospitals is said to have selected PureData System to manage and analyze the nation’s largest clinical and financial database. This has a 2.5 million daily
transactions and $43 billion annual purchasing data. Insight from this data is placed in the hands of Caregivers, says Todd Wilkes, VP Enterprise Solution Development.

This is IBM’s big step forward in its overall strategy to deliver systems with built-in expertise leveraging its immense experience to reduce cost and complexity. “We are on the leading edge of a new era of computing where clients can process vast amounts of information in real time and in ways that can fundamentally transform how business gets
done. PureData System is an important step in our journey as we help clients achieve new levels of speed, simplicity and savings,” says Arvind Krishna, GM IBM Information Management.

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