IBM unveils its new Security Command Center in India

New Update

IBM has inaugurated its state-of-the-art Security Command Center in Bangalore to service the security needs of Indian clients. The local center will provide more value to clients through customized SLA-based security services uniquely designed for their requirements while simultaneously ensuring that the data resides within the country. It is equipped to provide the best in class security solutions to both enterprise and SME clients across the industry spectrum.


The command center will leverage the existing managed security services offered within the country and offer clients managed security services expertise and monitoring to anticipate and mitigate threats. It will also offer alerts and advisories based on global events, 24x7 emergency response services for security breaches, hacks and threat assessment, incident response planning and security device management services. Security services such as security analytics, user behavior analysis and anomaly detection will also be added to the center. Indian clients will also benefit from IBM’s global expertise as the center has access to global intelligence, processes and best practices from the Security Command Centre network.

Security breaches and the cost of data breaches are increasing in India. According to the IBM Ponemon Institute, Cost of Data Breach, India Study, the average organizational cost of data breach is currently INR 9.73 crores, which is up from INR 6.04 crores in 2013. The study also states that there is a 31% likelihood that Indian organizations would experience a data breach of 10,000 or more records over a period of two-years and that malicious or criminal attacks have become the most common root cause for data breach in India.

Armed with global expertise, diverse industry knowledge and advanced security solutions, IBM is helping customers like India’s premier housing financing company, Dewan Housing Finance Ltd. (DHFL) to mitigate cyber threat, by aiding clients in either setting up their own on-premise SOCs or availing services and facilities from the IBM Security Command Center.


“As organizations are progressing in their digital transformation journey, they realize and understand that in today’s data-driven, highly distributed world, there are serious threats that must be addressed head-on. IBM’s Security Command Center delivers an integrated system of analytics, real-time defenses with global expertise so that clients can make strategic decisions on how to safeguard their business. It will offer unparalleled security capabilities to tackle threats and educate clients and partners on how to mitigate the same,” said Sandeep Sinha Roy, Business Unit Executive, IBM Security Services, India.

The center will continue to use IBM’s deep Global SOC expertise by adopting best practices in terms of process, expertise and training. It will also leverage IBM’s global expertise to provide real-time analysis and advisory to address the complex risk and compliance needs that exist today.

The center will also help IBM Clients meet their regulatory compliance requirements by ensuring that their data resides within the country. DHFL is one of the many clients who will leverage IBM’s Security Command Center in Bangalore, to monitor its systems round the clock and provide updates in real time. This will provide them with security intelligence to safeguard their business from threats. IBM has also implemented a cloud-delivered, Identity-as-a-service solution, first-of-its-kind in the country that automates the user identity and access management process, lowering the overall IT security risk for DHFL.

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