IBM Think Digital 2020: The power of ecosystems

IBM has a fourth platform -- the open hybrid cloud vision. There is open architecture, open standards, open source, and you can run anything, anywhere

Pradeep Chakraborty
New Update

At the IBM Think Digital Virtual Conference 2020, David La Rose, GM, Partner Ecosystem, IBM welcomed guests, adding that IBM has integrated Red Hat. We have a new CEO. We also have Jim Whitehurst as the new President.


Jim Whitehurst, President, IBM, said that he brings a software portfolio -- the Red Hat software strategy and the IBM Corporate strategy. We have brought a unique skillset to work with you. Let me talk about the open hybrid cloud strategy. There is a keen need for this and how we can work with you.

Jim Whitehurst

We recognize at IBM that when there is such a rapid amount of change, how the computing architectures develop is very important today. We see open source users, large IT communities, etc. We take care of how the enterprises securely and safely ingest all that amount of information. The enterprises are also looking for partners to help them do that. AI/ML can certainly change the way we work, as well as the business processes. Businesses require trust and transparency to ensure that the technologies are ethically used.


IBM has a fourth platform -- the open hybrid cloud vision. There is open architecture, open standards, open source, and you can run anything, anywhere. Innovations are coming in from everywhere. You have to ensure that the applications are built and run anywhere.

We have a vision of how can we run an infrastructure that can run the mainframe, the power, etc., to any public cloud. We have an open standard platform. Customers are working on OpenShift from Red Hat. You need a key ecosystem of partners to accelerate the ecosystem. The opportunity is tremendous. We now look to build on the vision of that platform with you.



Taking over, David La Rose, said that IBM has always believed in partnerships. We are adapting our programs and terms to overcome today's challenges. We are developing competencies for today and tomorrow. We are focusing on offerings that harness the power of AI and cloud. We are leading the shift to digital, thereby enabling new go-to-market models to drive demand.

IBM is helping partners to upgrade their skills. We are accelerating the hybrid cloud. The position partners as engagement points for accelerating the clients' cloud journey. We have industry-leading skills. We enable partners to build and retain the broad technology skills and domain expertise.

IBM is focusing on the partner value. We are modernizing the ecosystem programs and digital experience to drive long-term growth. We are also winning the strategic moments. We are unlocking the value of the ecosystem IP to accelerate growth and reach with channel-ready offerings and new models.

We hear from our partners that they seek clarity on where the opportunities exist, where to engage, help with the growt of solutions and IP, resources to accelerate skills and expertise development, and market pull on offerings.