‘IBM’s vision is to help solve this data quandary’

What is IBM’s approach to information on demand?
Information on demand approach treats information as a service, getting the
right information to the right people at the right time. This approach creates
new business value by unlocking information in all its forms from their
repository, process, and application silos, delivers trusted information,
improves business operations, worker productivity and client care, over its
lifecycle. Information as a service is IBM’s vision to help solve this data
quandary, by enabling businesses to transform information into reusable services
that are secure, manageable and highly accessible.

What is the state of information?
The information may not even involve text or numbers at all. It may be
locked in material like voice recordings, still images, or video. In these,
often lie the wads of knowledge critical for uncovering trends, creating
opportunities, solving problems, or averting disaster. Unstructured data
accounts for as much as 85% of all business data. By ensuring that all types of
business data is available, companies can take advantage of significant
opportunities for innovation. In fact, the 2006 IBM Global CFO survey found
companies that prioritized information integration were five times more likely
to drive value creation. This value takes the form of improved customer
retention, better management of the supply chain, compliance with industry and
government regulations, and reduced risk, improved efficiency and productivity
and increased business agility. 

What are the offerings in this space?
Data services, enables seamless management of all data within a
service-oriented architecture (SOA), DB2 9, the content and discovery services
that maximizes and simplifies access to global content are some of the
offerings. There is another, called IBM WebSphere Federation Server meant for
information integration services. It unites, analyzes, corrects and transforms
information into trusted services. Coming soon, IBM information server will
provide a common platform for integration of all data types and architectures.
Some other products include IBM WebSphere Customer Center and IBM WebSphere
Product Center.

Minu Sirsalewala


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