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IBM Announces SkillsBuild Program for CBSE School Students, Free Online Course on Artificial Intelligence Being Offered

IBM has invited CBSE schools to take part in its SkillsBuild initiative to avail the free online course in artificial intelligence

IBM is offering a free online course on artificial intelligence for CBSE school students above class 8 as part of its IBM SkillsBuild for Students and Problem Solvers Tournament. Schools that enroll for this initiative will be given an orientation, after which students will be offered an online course called “Artificial Intelligence Foundations for All and Working in a Digital Work”. Teachers can also be a part of this initiative, and they would have to complete courses called How to become a mentor, AI Foundations for Educators or Design Thinking.

After the completion of the courses, students and teachers can form teams, which is a maximum of 4 students and 1 teacher and submit their ideas for the Problem Solvers Tournament. The top team from each school will be selected for a mentoring hackathon to develop their ideas and make final submissions. “Top 100 students from the program will be given an opportunity to be part of unique workplace experiences through micro-internships with IBM and its partners, and top 100 Teachers will be felicitated at the LeadZ Teacher Awards with the best teachers invited to showcase at the 1M1B Youth Summit at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York in 2022,” says the notification on the CBSE website.

Important Points With Regard to IBM Free Online Course for CBSE School Students

The initiative has been organised to enable students to be ready for the future of work and help teachers aid students in this journey. “CBSE has partnered with IBM to offer a range of professional courses through the IBM SkillsBuild for Students platform, followed by micro-internship opportunities for students to get a taste of the workplace and industry, thus help reduce the skills gap,” says the official notification. Some of the important points on the program are as follows:

  • There is no fee to participate in the program, and applications will have to be submitted before 20 October 2021.
  • Once the school registers on the registration form, IBM implementation partner will connect with the school for the next steps.
  • The program is open to students from classes 8 and above and all teachers.
  • A teacher from the school can fill the registration form.

Those who wish to know more about the initiative and register are advised to go through the official notification in detail for more information.

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