I dream of a digital India – Watch PM Narendra Modi’s speech

By Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, India

On 1st July we commenced a special journey, a journey towards a Digital India, where technology will play a pivotal role in India’s progress.  The Digital India initiative will touch people’s lives in several ways. All sections of society will be touched by the Digital India initiatives.

Digital India is an endeavor to empower our demographic dividend with digital strength. Why must a skilled nation like India import electronic goods? Let us think of making quality electronic goods that are globally competitive. Similarly, I invite the world to come and ‘Design in India’- and take advantage of the opportunities India has to offer for the digital world.

There is one more area where Digital India must focus on and that is cyber security. This is something that can everyone – political leaders, business leaders, professionals, students. Earlier a pickpocket could rob you off your money but now, it takes one click and that too from thousands of miles away to rob you off your hard earned money. Similarly, the nature of warfare is changing and cyber warfare is gaining currency. In such circumstances, India  must show the way to the world by assuring them that an Indian product can keep the cyber world secure.

We are doing everything possible to encourage the already vibrant start-up ecosystem in India so that this is the land from where the next big idea emerges.

At the programme to launch Digital India I met several youngsters, who were very upbeat about the initiative. Captains of industry were present and they committed their support and active participation in the Digital India programme. I see this as an encouraging sign. I invite all of you to support us in this quest and together, we can fulfill this dream of a Digital India!

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