I don’t see one single reason why it couldn’t have been done in India.”

Rohit Chandra Founder and CEO eCode.com

Rohit Chandra is the founder and CEO
of eCode.com, the internet’s first and only internet user identity company. The
service has already attracted over 100,000 registered users from 124 countries. Before
founding the company, Chandra has worked with HP, Wells Fargo and Informix among others.
An alumnus of the Delhi Institute of Technology and MS in Computer Sciences from
Vanderbilt University, US, Chandra spoke to DATAQUEST about the service offerings from
e-Code. Excerpts:

  •  What is e-code?

Consider a situation where
you have given your business card to about 100-200 people whom you met in a conference.
Next time around you meet them again, and during this period, your job or say even your
phone number has changed. And so all the above people will need to update their own
databases. So I felt that it just does not make sense, as all your contacts would be doing
the same job again and again. Hence the concept of e-code, your one composite record at a
one single repository for your personal details and everybody can get an updated
electronic copy of the same.

  • Is e-code only about
    web business cards?

Of course not. Web-enabled
business cards are only a part of it. It is all about personal information management. We
want to make life less complex on the Net. We have other services like the Autofiller that
fills out any web form automatically at a click of a button. Another service we have is
the Autologin utility, it enables users to preset their user IDs and passwords to their
favorite web sites. It automatically fills in the
necessary information, thereby granting instant connectivity.

  •  How do you plan to sell the idea?

It is a very grassroot and
ground swell movement. E-code has a subscriber base in 124-plus countries. The revenues
will come from transactions made to the business entities. For example, if you have a
cellphone for any change in the number of any of your contacts, you will need to do an
updation. However, wouldn’t it be nice that when I update the information, your
cellphone too gets updated? Won’t the cellular service provider pay for such a value
addition? There are hundreds of such business opportunities for us.

  • Where do you see
    e-code in the coming future?

We think that e-code is all
set to become the grand daddy of internet IDs. So, in all probability, the next time when
you bump into your old college friend, he will not ask what your phone number or email ID
is, but just "what’s your ecode". We will be the clearing house for any and
all contact information.

  • Do you think your
    e-code venture would have been possible in India?

Absolutely. I don’t see one single
reason why it couldn’t have been done in India. In fact, I started this venture from
my bedroom.

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