Hyderabad to host “NGN Summit 2017”

Hyderabad is all set to host Global NGN Summit on Telecom, ICT and IoT to be held from 13th to 15th February 2017 at Hall No. 2, HITEX, Hyderabad. Telecom majors from across the globe are invited to participate in the Summit that is to showcase latest innovations in burgeoning Telecom Industry.

The vision of NGN Summit is to create a platform for the Technocrats, Innovators, Researchers, Communication Specialists, OEMs, Investors, Telecom Vendors, Partners, Security Specialists, Operators, BFSI, MVNOs, Semiconductor Specialists, VAS, Optical Networks, SDNs, Data Centers etc., for internet working.

“India with second largest mobile users and third largest internet users needs a bigger platform to demonstrate its prowess and competency in innovations. Hence we mooted with this idea of bringing all telecom peers together under one roof. These kind of Summits are held at a very large scale in Singapore, Shanghai, Barcelona and Dubai and few cities in US. We felt it is high time for India to create international platform for all Telecom, ICT and IoT vendors to share their knowledge, discuss the ideas, stimulate and demonstrate the competencies” says Ms. Rittu Chawla, the Summit Director.

This Summit has a unique strategic focus that reveals Next-Generation Networks not as a resource burden, but a foundation for economic viability and quality of life. In particular it brings together top-notch case studies to share on capability for sustainable development and growth opportunities that NGN can offer.

“We travelled across the globe and seen the global eco-system in internetworking with peers, partners and competitors. Poor market perceptions, inadequate product foresight and lack of awareness of similar advancements in the technology are leading to development of obsolete products that are killed earlier than they are released into the markets. It is highly imperative that we create a platform where the latest innovations are discussed and demonstrated. Thus NGN Summit was born” says V.S.R.Srinivas the Technical Director of the Summit.

Center Stage

The Summit is attracting market leaders of various Telecom, ICT and IoT industries who will be delivering thought provoking insights into the technologies. Keynote speakers from Regulatory Authorities, Aricent, British Telecom, Ericsson, Mercedes Benz, Facebook, RSA, Wipro etc delivering vision, leadership and opportunities in their respective segments.

“Its all connected world! India is spearheading the renaissance in technologies related to Mobile, Cyber Forensics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, IT, ICT and IoT. It is very appropriate that we converge the technological innovations and protagonists of the industry at the common platform” according to Nikita Bohra who is the chief coordinator of the summit.

StartUp Connect

Startups are the backbone of today’s innovations! India perhaps has more startups today than silicon valley is producing. With a highly conducive environment driven with global opportunities, we would witness mushrooming of startups in the niche domains of Telecom, ICT and IoT.

NGN Summit 2017 specially invites the Start-Ups to show case their latest innovations, ideas and developments. Startups delivering innovative solutions are offered a complimentary stall at the Summit. It is really a great opportunity for startups to internet work with their peers and investors.

Hyderabad one of the IT capitals of India offering highly conducive environment for technology incubators is all set to host this unique summit on NGN Technology.

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