Hybrid work is relatively productive, as per 78% of the employees

Hybrid work means fewer people in the workplace at one time. This lowers the chance of a sick employee infecting others.

Aanchal Ghatak
New Update
Hybrid work

During 29th edition of DQ Conclave Ms. Triveni Rabindraraj, India Sales Head, Go To, presented the industry keynote on understanding the digital next workplace. There are three predominant work models that are going to come out. One, in SMEs, employees will prefer to be remote for all five days, WFH. Two, there can be a mix of remote and office workers. Finally, work from office, completely. 


Next, we saw that a hybrid model is driving lower staff turnover. 2021 was the year of great resignation. HR folks went through lot of misery. In hybrid, the attrition was about 22%. Fully remote and work from office saw a much higher attrition rate. Hybrid stands out here. It is time to rethink for us. Hybrid work is relatively productive, as per 78% of the employees. Security is still an issue. You need to enable all of the people. Data has gone away, outside offices. Managing that data securely will be a big challenge. We need to also think about unified product to lessen the burden on the IT teams.

Go To is a new brand, and you may have heard of LogMeIn and Rescue. CIOs may be familiar with rescue. If we look at the future of the IT tech support, the first one is supply chain disruption. It will put lot of pressure for getting devices on time, etc. Employees will have to make do with existing devices. That will mean: increase in problems, and helpdesk, with more tickets. 

One common helpdesk problem is password reset. 80% of tickets received in the past two years has been password reset. Another one is consumer digital habits. Customers and employees are used to digital experience. People are used to purchasing online now. The customers and employees will expect online support for IT. We have also been seeing the highest turnover in the helpdesk employees. Before the pandemic, it was 40%, and has since gone up to 80%. Every six months, you are going to have a new technician, which means, more pressure on the companies.

We are looking at how can we make things easier for everyone, going ahead. An IT support engineer in Budapest came up with a nice way. Remotely, you can manage all of your endpoints, and push patches. We were called 3am Lapse. We also bought Go To. We now have many products to offer. We have rebranded ourselves to Go To this February. We have Go To Connect, Go To Meeting, Go To Training, and contact center offering, etc. Our main job is to empower the flexible work. We are extremely careful about security, with focus on zero-security.