Hughes Systique Corporation collaborates with Veeam Software

New Update

Veeam Software announced that Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC), a leading software development and consulting company, chooses Veeam to enable availability for accelerating business performance. With this implementation, HSC saves $100,000 each year with Veeam and reduces RTO by 88% and RPO by 50%


Part of the EchoStar and HUGHES group of companies, HSC employs 550 people worldwide and specializes in building applications for Fortune 100 companies. HSC’s Infrastructure and Development Centre (IDC) is home to 130 VMware vSphere virtual machines (VMs) which requires improved availability to eliminate expensive downtime. As a provider in software development and IT consulting, HSC needs full visibility in a virtualised environment and optimised capacity planning to help customers develop and take applications to market faster.

Veeam partnered with HSC to accomplish the most critical business goals: to improve business response time with availability and deliver Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to make the internal IT team capable to equip internal users to meet the customer SLAs of on-time project delivery.

“Our legacy system suffered from slow backup and recovery. For instance, one of our engineers spent 100 percent of their time verifying backup jobs are completed successfully every weekend,” said Bhupinder Singh, IT Director at HSC. “We weren’t responding fast enough and this led to missing project deadlines, thereby impacting team morale and reputation.”


HSC’s other goal was to receive real-time monitoring of the virtual environment, to receive notification of issues before they impact business. Additionally, accurate capacity planning was needed to optimise resource utilisation effectively.

“Before we deployed Veeam ONE, we spent approximately $50,000 every six months on more resources for our virtual environment, such as hosts and backup storage,” said Mr. Singh from HSC. “With Veeam’s weekly and monthly usage reports, we allocate resources more effectively. We required no additional resources during our first year with Veeam, saving the business $100,000. In fact, we gained 25 percent more host and backup storage capacity.”

After 22 Months months with Veeam Backup & Replication, HSC has backed up 130 VMs (150 TB) to HP EVA storage and provided high-speed recovery to restore VMs, files and individual items in minutes.As a result, the recovery time objective (RTO) decreased by 88percent (from eight hours to one hour) and the recovery point objective (RPO) decreased by 50 percent (from two business days to one business day).

“Today our IT staff spends 75 percent less time on backup jobs. We can focus more on improving other data center processes relevant for driving business ahead,” Singh continued. “We feel fully equipped to serve the business with Veeam. Veeam is an integral part of our IT infrastructure, giving us the ability to respond to business needs quickly. We can’t imagine life without Veeam.”

“Modern businesses operating in a digital environment need to move beyond traditional backup and derive a strategy to stay Always-On,” said Ashok Acharya,Regional Director, India and SAARC. “By enabling HSC to drastically improve response time and mitigate risk, Veeam has proven capabilities to deliver recovery time and point objectives (RTPO) of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data that keep organizations business running 24.7.365.”

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