Huawei Unveils Media Solution at 21st BES Expo 2015

New Update

Huawei unveiled its new media industry solution among its newest products and solutions for the broadcast media industry to customers, channel partners, and agents. The unveiling took place jointly with Huawei’s local storage VAD – Technobind at the 21st Broadcast Engineering Society (BES EXPO 2015) which is being held between January 15 and 17, 2015 in the nation’s capital. Huawei is participating in this event for the first time this year.


At the exhibition, Huawei is also displaying storage, clouding computing and other IT infrastructure product series and solutions, including news production, HD/4K UHD production, media asset management, media cloud, and other solutions aimed at the broadcast field, as well as post-production, animation production solutions for the film industry production chain.

Speaking at the solution showcase, Mr. Goober Gaowei, Head Solutions vertical, Huawei Enterprise India said, “Broadcast media as a domain is continuously evolving towards high-definition technology and media convergence. In this scenario, the need for innovative "converged, agile, open" system architecture based on a robust technology framework is increasingly driving seamless and accelerated transformation in the field. Enabling customers to set up system architecture governed by the concept of "strategy-driven business, service-defined IT" can result in businesses becoming more streamlined and agile. This is the vision behind Huawei's solutions for IT infrastructure in the media industry. Huawei is focusing on strengthening cooperation with its partners within India and throughout the south-east Asian media industry, in the effort to cater to the IT requirements of customers across geographies and deliver high-quality solutions, promoting the digitization local HD and super-HD development. The new media solution being showcased at the BES Expo this year is an embodiment of Huawei’s determination to create a strong foothold in the broadcast and entertainment media domain, thereby spearheading IT dependability, productivity and subsequent profitability for the industry.”

Bringing the Huawei promise to the media domain


Huawei has set foot into the broadcast media and entertainment domain with its revolutionary storage products and solutions, planting its roots deep into the heavily IT reliant industry. The overall solutions focus on functions such as media content production, broadcast and management. Super HD performance and reliability, expandability, widely used upper-layer acquisition, editing, broadcast, and management application software compatibility is a core competitiveness for Huawei’s media solutions.

Unveiling in collaboration with Technobind

This is the first time that Huawei has appeared with Technobind Solutions, its Indian channel distributor for storage solutions. Technobind as a value added distributor pays close attention to the data, and especially the data storage field in India. In August of 2014, Technobind formally became Huawei first primary distributor for storage solutions in the Indian market. In November, Technobind along tens of Indian channel partners visited Huawei at its Chengdu Storage Research Center in Chengdu, which includes on-site visits to Asia's largest interoperability laboratory, performance laboratory, and solution laboratory, where they experienced Huawei's continued investment and R&D strength in the storage and media storage fields.


Production Storage Solution Showcase

Among the range of versatile solutions which attendees can experience, Huawei is showcasing an HD production storage solution using the OceanStor 9000 big data storage system. This solution offers customers the benefits of media asset storage, data analysis, near-line archiving in one solution. It has the capability to support concurrent, real-time editing of multiple HD video layers on a refined editing station without any frame loss, while also supporting coordination with packaging, transfer, and voiceover work station stations.

The solution is capable of providing an extra-large cache pool up to 2 TB in size for HD editing and can effectively improve video footage access hit rates. It also provides metadata storage with SSDs, improved program fragment processing capability; 10GE all-IP network interconnection which can minimize internal network latency and fully satisfy HD video editing low-latency requirements; fully symmetrical distributed architecture that can be horizontally added on any node, 200 GB/s maximum bandwidth and massive 40 PB capacity expandability that can help industry customers easily meet growing program production requirements.


Deploying Huawei’s new media solution

The OceanStor 5500, as a representative of the V3 converged storage, is mainly applied in film post-production, animation production and television production applications that have IP + FC hybrid group network requirements.

The media cloud solution for television stations aims to support the convergence of office and production service networks, full process convergence acquisition, editing, broadcast and management processes, and convergence of traditional and new media, with a resource pooled, automated, intelligent, administration media cloud platform that uses converged overall architectural design and converged media data processing mechanisms (including computing, storage, migration, and management). Cloudified IT infrastructure enables IT systems to be flexibly deployed based on business attributes, accelerating rollout of new channels and programs as well as implementing omni-media content production and broadcasting anywhere, anytime. In this way, users can obtain a smooth and convenient audio-visual experience, and the resource use efficiency is greatly improved, while the O&M cost is reduced by 50%, the content production time is shortened by 60%, and media asset reclamation efficiency is increased by 60 times.

The system uses a cloudified IT infrastructure architecture based on media services with elasticity built deeply into its DNA coupled with an intelligent system administration design, enabling it to make all the necessary scheduling and automatic distribution of resource in a tailored fashion. At the same time, the system capacity is expandable on-demand, performance is linearly expandable, and resource usage is automatically balanced. In this way, users can obtain a smooth and convenient audio-visual experience, and the resource use efficiency is greatly improved, while the O&M cost is reduced by 50%, the content production time is shortened by 60%, and media asset reclamation efficiency is increased by 60 times.