Huawei Releases a Product Recognition AI-Enabled New Retail Solution with Malong

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 At CEBIT, Huawei signed a cooperation agreement with Malong Technologies. Based on Huawei’s global leading new ICT infrastructure solution, combined with Malong’s ProductAI® visual product recognition platform, Huawei and Malong jointly launched a product recognition AI-enabled new retail solution.


The retail industry is combining ICT technologies with innovative approaches such as AI and Big Data to accelerate digital transformation — improving shopping efficiency and the consumer experience, exploring new business and profit models, and building new retail forms. While the traditional retail industry is transforming, product recognition has become a key capability. The high costs of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and gravity-sensing technologies make Vision Intelligence a prime focus and the best technical choice for product recognition. With pure visual recognition, the intelligent retail solution can be quickly deployed in a cost-effective manner. And, to deliver a better consumer experience, product recognition AI must integrate computer vision-based AI applications and powerful ICT platforms. In this way, practical product recognition technologies can be applied in new retail scenarios such as Cart Audit Systems and Smart ‘Grab-and-Go’ Cabinets.


Malong Technologies is an award-winning AI company focusing on deep learning and computer vision technology innovation. Based on the powerful service capabilities of Huawei’s retail cloud platform and Malong’s product recognition technology, Huawei and Malong have jointly launched a new product recognition AI-enabled retail solution. Through the ProductAI® on Huawei’s retail cloud platform, this solution applies automatic product data acquisition, product model training and distribution, and real-time product identification — helping retail enterprises facilitate consumer shopping and reduce operational costs.

“The retail industry is one of Huawei’s key industry solution scenarios,” Yu Dong, President of Industry Marketing & Solution Department of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, said. “Currently, retail industry customers are making the best use of ICT technologies for digital transformation, and Huawei truly hopes to work with industry partners like Malong to build AI-enabled new retail solutions and help retail industry customers improve their competitiveness.”

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