Huawei receives Frost & Sullivan award for cloud innovation

DQI Bureau
New Update

Huawei, a global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has received the Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award—2013 Product Innovation Award in Cloud Infrastructure, in recognition of the company’s efforts toward the product innovation and technology development in cloud infrastructure market.


Frost & Sullivan decided to present Huawei with "2013 Product Innovation Award in Cloud Infrastructure" according to technology advantages, product design, operation and maintenance service, and market opportunities.

Huawei had officially launched the one-stop cloud infrastructure solution — FusionCube in 2012. Consisting of high-performance hardware platform E9000 and cloud software platform FusionSphere, FusionCube helps the enterprise users to simplify as well as optimize the internal IT system.

Converged Storage DSware adopts a distributed storage technology, unifies all the storage devices, and provides centralized storage service. Integrated of innovated virtualization, storage, and cloud technologies, the one-stop cloud infrastructure solution — FusionCube can shorten the whole deployment procedure to 2-3 weeks. With innovative scale-out storage engine, infrastructure can be expanded smoothly to protect users’ IT investments.

Compared to traditional data centers, FusionCube helps converge hardware and software to simply the IT investment of users. Furthermore, adopting advanced cooling technology, FusionCube can largely reduce the energy consumption and opex, and achieve real green data center.