Huawei Launches Cloud Enterprise Private Network Solution

Ahead of the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC 2017), Huawei has launched its Cloud Enterprise Private Network (CloudEPN) solution for enterprise interconnection. The solution helps carriers to provide on-demand and cost-effective enterprise leased line services with cloud-based visualized O&M.

Huawei’s CloudEPN solution supports SD-WAN and CloudVPN modes and allows for smooth evolution, meeting customers’ service requirements in different phases. The solution helps carriers to provide on-demand and cost-effective enterprise leased line services with cloud-based visualized O&M. With this solution, carriers are able to implement digital transformation and explore more opportunities in B2B markets with fast growth in the cloud era.

According to market research and a survey carried out by Analysys Mason, a large proportion of carrier revenue is generated by enterprise leased line services. Enterprise leased line services have become the core for carriers to increase revenues. An increasing number of enterprise services are now becoming cloudified gradually. Enterprise networks interact with cloud data centers more frequently, and the cloud access bandwidth is increasing annually. The rental expense of traditional leased lines is high, causing high OPEX of enterprises.

In addition, cloud development brings strong service flexibility, and services change rapidly and frequently. The response of carriers’ leased line services is slow, and the period from service application to service provisioning is one to three months. The requirements for fast provisioning and flexible change cannot be met. Moreover, responsible personnel need to provision traditional leased line services and maintain devices onsite. Enterprise branches are distributed in different areas and increasingly devices are being deployed, making it difficult to maintain the branch networks and increasing maintenance costs.

To address the preceding problems, Huawei has released the CloudEPN Solution based on cloudification technologies, helping carriers achieve service experiences of entire processes and provide enterprises with new enterprise leased lines.

For carriers, Huawei’s CloudEPN Solution helps to provide one-stop enterprise interconnection services and value-added services (VASs) on demand. Customers can use the ecommerce-style service platform to subscribe to or reserve enterprise interconnection services and VASs. For example, the platform can be used to request network connections for a new branch, define bandwidth adjustment policies, and apply for cloud multimedia communication and audio and video conference call resources. After the subscription is completed, customers’ service requirements are automatically assigned and delivered.

The services that need to be provisioned for 30 days on a traditional leased line can be packaged, ordered, and delivered online in only 5 minutes. It only takes 15 minutes for order review and device packing and delivery. With this solution, carriers can rapidly respond to service changes of enterprise customers. The CloudEPN Solution also supports cloud-based visualized O&M. Enterprise-side CPEs are plug-and-play. Carriers’ NOCs provide remote and automatic network management and maintenance, without onsite maintenance. The solution reduces 90% onsite maintenance costs.

For enterprises, Huawei’s CloudEPN solution combines low-cost internet links with leased line links. The solution fully uses advantages of wide coverage and the low cost of the Internet, ensuring the quality of key services and reducing 50% of WAN bandwidth rental costs. The solution implements application-based intelligent traffic scheduling, transmits high-quality services over leased line links and low-quality services over Internet links.

When faults occur or the link quality is instable, the solution can flexibly switch services between links to improve service experience. After enterprise customers place orders, devices can be delivered for about 20 minutes. After devices are sent to customers through express delivery, enterprise customers only need to connect power and network cables to the devices received. Then the devices are plug-and-play and can be configured automatically. For example, Internet access services and VPN services are remotely and automatically configured in the cloud.

“Huawei CloudEPN Solution aims to help carriers to provide agile and on-demand enterprise interconnection services for customers, meeting requirements of rapid innovations and fast changes of enterprise services. The solution helps carriers to grasp opportunities during enterprises’ B2B digital transformation, attract new enterprise customers, retain old customers, continuously increase B2B market revenue, and achieve business success,” said Li Xianyin, General Manager of Huawei Enterprise Gateway Domain.

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