Huawei Launches Agile Network 2016

New Update

Huawei announced its Agile Network 2016 brand new solutions and services at HUAWEI CONNECT 2016.  Huawei uses SDN technology to shape the network architecture of the cloud era and to establish a firm foundation for the digital transformation of enterprises. The Agile Network 2016 focuses solutions on the mobilization of users and services during the digital transformation of enterprises, on IoT application of production systems, and on new challenges brought by cloud-based applications. This brand new solution is intended to create a network that is on-demand, has self-services, is easily managed, and is both secure and trusted.


This new solution uses cloud technology to simplify network management, while the software-defined networking (SDN) architecture better enables cloud intelligence. The Agile Network adheres to the concepts of ‘open, simple, and secure’, and is able to assist enterprises in achieving service innovation, service agility, and Financial Efficiency during digitization.

“ ‘For the Cloud, By the Cloud’, is the perfect explanation of the proposition we have released”, said Swift Liu, President of Huawei Enterprise Network Product Line, “New business models brought about by cloud services are subverting traditional industries, and a intelligent cloud that provides services relies on a software-defined, open, simple, and secure network. This network is able to connect every part of an enterprise, every IoT system, and every mobile device. Cloud technology is also changing the efficiency of service deployment, management, and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) for traditional networks. Networks of the future should combine virtualization, automation, edge intelligence, cloud-based management, and security everywhere. These are the characteristics that we believe networks of the digital era should have.”

The new Agile Network 2016 innovative solutions released include:


Cloud Campus: Uses cloud technology to achieve campus network planning, deployment, and O&M for the full lifecycle network cloud management. Services are provisioned within minutes. This is not only for serving small to medium-sized campuses, but also to innovatively launch the cloud management solution aimed at medium to large-sized campuses. Cloud management innovatively achieves the flexible switching between the local management and cloud-based management of network devices, allowing networks to smoothly evolve. Cloud Campus provides customers with a flexible service mode. Customers can not only choose services provided by Huawei or MSPs, but can also build enterprise-level cloud management platforms themselves. The cloud management platform’s leasable and sellable business model allows more enterprise customers to enjoy the convenient management experience brought by cloud management. Additionally, Cloud Campus has introduced the SDN architecture into the campus network to implement fast service deployment. Combining fully-applied Wi-Fi access, Cloud Campus provides customers with a converged, simple, and open campus network.

CloudVPN: Targeting the issue of increasingly high private line costs of enterprises, Huawei brings together cost efficient Internet links with private line links using SD WAN technology, optimizing the application-based paths of multiple links, and allowing enterprises to make huge savings on the leasing of WAN links while maintaining the high quality of services. With carriers’ urgent request for B2B service transformation in mind, Huawei provides an end-to-end CloudVPN solution. The solution allows carriers to provide enterprises with self-service, menu-like, and high quality enterprise interconnection services, permitting customers to adjust bandwidth as needed, flexibly scale services, deploy new devices, and provision new services within minutes. What’s more, it replaces expensive and complex network security products with simple and easy-to-use cloud-based security services for enterprises, letting customers intuitively spot network flow anomalies, differentiate between types of applications, and to accurately control the usage of bandwidth. This facilitates SMB enterprises in obtaining cost-effective protection.

Additionally, the Agile Network 2016 updates include a Cloud Fabric 5.0 solution with refined O&M, new practice for IoT in the elevator industry, and a ubiquitous virtualized security solution: Cloud Security. The Huawei Agile Network will match and conform to cloud-based policies better than before, connect the intelligence of clouds, and speed up the digital transformation of enterprises.

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