Why HR and IT must join forces to achieve a modern digital workspace

In order to achieve a modern digital workspace, massive participation from every player in the field including IT and HR is required

R in HR is about Relationships- machines are advanced and different from the rest, but only humans can formulate relationships the best. A modern digital workspace comprises mostly of millennials and minions. This explains why modern workforce fashions on instant gratification: everything here and now. They master the art of multi-tasking, highly values money but unwilling to work as high for it, very entrepreneurial- always in search of unique experiences. The modern workforce accepts the beauty of imperfection and is hugely attracted to authentic conversations so long they feel the satisfaction of the communication.

Modernity has changed the old ways of working conditions. The arrival of technology has formidably revolutionized the work mechanisms of businesses and organizations. What was once a work-output-oriented stage has now evolved to a stage of connections and sincere human relations. In fact, everything is changing at a supreme pace- the demands and expectations of the employees are rising, competition in the business arena is getting fiercer, the introduction of many unconventional workspace perks has shot the competition bar to a very high metric.

So, naturally the next thing that follows is the quest to stand out as the strongest pillar among the other pillars while retaining the best talent at the same time. Today, the empowerment of young minds with digital tools and apps in the workspace is a bursting necessity to bring out the tiger in them. While the recruitment of the workforce is what turns any business into an organization, building a nation out of an organization can only be done through a joined force between Human Relationships and Technology.

Engaged employees of an organization results in better communication and work performance as compared to organizations with non-engaged employees. It leads to a more productive outcome. Conversely, while it’s good to know that engaged employees are very crucial in the making of a great organization- could keeping up with the latest techno-evolutions be the key to creating the ultimate workspace? Will it finally resolve the workspace plights? Let’s find out.

New and improved workspace engagement with IT

Currently, technology is straight up riding the shotgun of the vehicle called ‘attraction and retention of talent’. This is one of the major reasons why the cry for the collision of IT and HR is roaringly increasing. However, achieving a modern digital workspace will require massive participation from every player in the field. The senior leaders must be willing to expand and explore further into the world of IT. Likewise, the recruitment team must also be equally equipped with the latest technologies like AI/ML. ‘Technology-handicap’ should not be allowed to house in any room of the organization.

In a world where businesses are conducted based on analysis and predictions, it is safe enough and daring to state that the promise of achieving majestic milestones lies in the dreams of the organizations armored with IT. However, just about any new technology isn’t going to cut it. A great new technology will be the one to break the barricades- flexibly lucrative, covers various tech domains such as adaptive technology, crowdsourcing, disaster recovery, green technology, disruptive technology, ITIL, etc. Business is no longer limited to successful output alone. Employee experience is now beginning to be recognized as a prioritized factor in the functioning of an organization.  Having set a workspace with the right technology is a gateway to headlines and great things-

  • Work flexibility is emerging as the most recent progression of workspaces.
  • The employee provision to perform the work from anywhere or anytime has fast become the gem of many neoteric and dynamic business organizations.

Again, achieving all of these is not a milk run. It will require the imparting of the right tools, accreditation of the employees with the proper information/knowledge of high technology like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, a well-organized system of applications and data access in the Information Technology of the workplace, and more. Measuring productivity may be through the output of the workforce but in a generation of technology and advancement, the young and brilliant but restless minds of the millennials cannot and will not settle with medieval-like workspace.

If we have learned anything from the past is that strong bonds between humans can move the mountains and freeze the oceans. And lucky for us, today we have ‘technology’ to take care of the mechanical transactions. Now, we humans can focus religiously on building and cementing the humane bonds. The establishment of condense relationships fueled with the brilliancy of machines and technology will enable the birth of ‘the’ modern digital workspace, and maybe, even continue to live on as timeless as the skies. You never know!

By Ketan Dewan, CEO and Co-founder, Talocity

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