HP Unveils Under 1kg Elite Book Folio

In today’s generation when people have become so busy with their profession and have become too much career-oriented, HP brings for them HP Elite book folio, which weighs less than 1 kg and hence, is very portable. Laptops are no longer selling like hot cakes like before. Nowadays, half the population, especially the younger generation, thinks of buying a smartphone rather than investing in laptops. But everything has its pros and cons so do laptops in that they have a king -sized keyboard with a larger screen.

So, here HP has capitalised on this and has brought an array of products for all tech-lovers. Another USP of these HP laptops is that they are crafted with copper design combined with carbon fiber, which gives them a premium look and Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

The new array of products launched included:

HP Elite Book Folio-
HP has created the thinnest and lightest business notebook at only 12.4mm and under 1 kg.
The EliteBook Folio does not compromise on business  critical robustness, security and manageability.
All day battery runs upto 10 hours with 4k display.

It’s available now in India at Rs 1,28000.

HP Elitex21012-

A tablet that offers productivity of a full notebook with convenience designed for the mobile professionals.

The Elite x2 is is just 8.1 mm thin.
The tablet weighs less than 840 grams and has a built-in kickstand with 150 degrees of adjustability, allowing a user to set the device upright for viewing and keyboard typing or laying it back for on-screen typing.
Connectivity options including WLAN,WWAN/3G/4G,
Now available at the starting price of Rs 95,000.

HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G3 –

It’s the thinnest 14″ business -class notebook available in India
At the starting price of Rs 90,000.
Limited Chipset is integrated with processor with 16 GB memory.

HP Elite Book 840 G1 –
The HP EliteBook 840 G1 Ultrabook 21 is ultra-productive in and out of the office.
It has security, performance and management features that will meet all your business needs.
The series has LED keys with data safeguarding, identity verification, unparalleled speed, minimal maintenance and Preboot Authentication.
“At HP, we are pushing the envelope in design, productivity, security and entertainment to build innovative products for ‘One Life’ keeping the latest youth of today in mind. We have designed for both business and personal requirements,” said Ketan Patel, Director (personal systems) HP Inc. India.
It is available for 3-years and 1-year warranty options, depending upon the country. With such a unique premium range of stunning designs of laptops HP is here to stay and will be flooding the market and being tech-savvy however, there is a price to pay.

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