HP India to pilot e-shopping store on 15th March

HP India has planned to reach the consumers directly through its online store which it plans to unveil on 15 March 2013. The online store, if the company is to be believed, will have its entire Printing and Personal Systems (PPS) portfolio on sale.

“In an effort to serve customers well, HP India is all geared up to roll out its online shopping store on 15th March. The shopping store will feature our entire range of products in the PPS,” divulged Rajiv Srivastava, VP & GM, HP India Printing and Personal Systems (PPS) Group.

When asked whether it will be a store opened with the help of the global headquarters, he said, “It is purely HP India’s initiative to take the innovative range of products that we have. HP global has nothing to do with this.”

If HP has its own store, though online, it is obvious to cause a dent to HP’s partner interests. But Srivastava does not believe this. According to him, the online store is to help consumers make decisions, see the entire product range at one place with the prices and also help them buy. “Since 1/3 of the consumers, who visit online shopping sites, never buy online, it will not affect the interests of our partners. However, it will enhance HP’s reach,” added Srivastava.

Tablet launch is also on the cards: In addition, HP India will also launch its first tablet in the Indian market later this month. The launch is surely going to put the company into the highly-competitive space. But the launch, if the company is to be believed, will give edge it over other vendors due to a relationship they have with the consumers.

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