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How Zapak used Big Data to improve its conversations with users

With currently over 6 million registered gamers, Zapak is one of the largest gaming sites in the world. To improve its site on a constant basis, the company wanted to be proactive in monitoring conversations made by its users at every social platform.

“We wanted to monitor our online reputation by collecting relevant feedback posted by our users on popular social media platforms,” states Inderjit Singh Matharu, Head Projects & Delivery, World Wide Open, a part of the Reliance ADAG group.

The group evaluated different social listening tools in the market, and found out that while international tools offered good features, they had limitations in terms of processing data. Local vendors offered good pricing, but had limitations in terms of identifying the right type of conversations.

After scouting for a number of options, the team finally zeroed in on KonnectSocial, a Big Data analytics tool from an Indian vendor that provides social media listening and analytics services. The tool crawls millions of blogs, forums, complaint sites, mainstream news and social media. This helps brands like Zapak to listen to conversations based on the search parameters they add in the tool.


Inderjit Singh Matheru

“Using this tool, we have scaled our ability to monitor conversations from 10,000 conversations a month to over 50,000 conversations a month. We can classify messages by type, content and sentiment and route a query if it needs to be solved to the right person,” states Inderjit.  Additionally, there is a facility to classify the conversations as negative or non negative. Hence, if there is a issue which has been pointed out on social media platforms, the tool can quickly alert the concerned authorities and relevant action can be taken before it becomes a serious issue. The tool also has a facility to monitor a competitors’ brand on the web, which enables Zapak to examine and evaluate how it measures itself against the competition.


“The tool has in-built CRM and workflow tools that enables multiple users to manage the queries. This in-built CRM can seamlessly integrate with existing CRM systems through KonnectSocial APIs. The feedback posted on social platforms hence appears directly in the CRM system of the customer,” says Sameer Narkar – CEO & Founder, Konnectsocial.

Today, Zapak has the ability to do a detailed analysis of conversations and look at engagement levels of fans on social channels such as Facebook , Twitter and Youtube. The company can also measure the growth of fans over a period of time and its linkages to the tweets and brand posts.

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