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How to prepare for an AWS certification

As an IT professional, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification will help you to increase your skills and boost your market value. AWS offers a wide range of brilliant career opportunities. These are Amazon Web Services Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Software Application Engineer, Cloud Security Expert and Cloud Consultant.

A Gartner report says AWS has five times its ability to calculate the closest 14 Cloud competitors. And this is escalating the capacity at an amazing speed. The demand for certified AWS professionals, with the right skills to manage Amazon Web Services, Cloud services and make applications based on AWS services, is increasing very fast.

Select your AWS Module

AWS has three certification levels: Foundational, Associate and Professional. Every tier has different depth and scope which is the extent to which AWS services and systems are covered in a certification examination. They have certain degree of technical knowledge needed to clear each exam level.

If you are new to AWS, you can start with the foundational level for proper understanding and assimilation. You should not start with the associate or professional level as a beginner because that will be a waste of all your resources and time.

Set Study Milestones

There are different subjects and topics that the AWS Certification examinations cover. Do not try to cover all the areas at once because it can be too much to handle. So, to make your preparation interesting and worthwhile, try to create measurable milestones.

Identify each milestone and its completion metrics. For instance, one of your milestones can be studying AWS documentation. Reward yourself for meeting each milestone successfully. This will make you feel good and boost your self-confidence in passing the examinations.

Watch online video-based training

The best way to start working towards getting your AWS Certifications is watching the instructor-led online videos that provide a basic understanding of the technology. Actually, online video-based training is one of the best ways to learn the basics of your AWS Certification. As you watch the videos, your expert instructor will guide you along the technology and also show you useful strategies to clear the exam.

Must do Hands-On or Workshops

It’s equally important to do hands-on for every module there are hands-on practice labs and also numerous workshops which are available from AWS.

Get Technical Training

While learning about AWS’s concept, terminology, skills and foundations, do not ignore the practical aspect. AWS follows a practical approach in its certification examinations. So, as you learn the beginner skills, try to get involved in the technical areas more. Make use of this AWS technical training organized by AWS experts to prepare either by role or solution. Another important thing is this training gets updated from time to time.

Assess your knowledge with Practice Tests

The next vital step is to keep writing the practice questions to measure your knowledge and get to know how to answer the questions at the examination. It would be better, if you stay away from dumps and work on the high-quality AWS Practice Questions based on the latest AWS examination design and question format. The popular practice examinations prepare you for the style and difficulty of the AWS examination and help you identify areas of weakness and areas you should study further.

To realize your goals, you need to put in considerable time and effort. Take one step at a time and before you even realize it, you will be reaching your AWS goals. You can follow these AWS study tips, to be in the perfect position to face an AWS Certification examination.

The article has been written by Brijesh Kohli,Director Xebia Academy

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