How to choose the best online proctoring platform for hiring among the prevailing ones

Online proctoring platform enables the hiring staff to evaluate candidates, hire the top ones, and make honest evaluations

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Technology is being used by businesses all around the world to enhance and streamline their operations. Recruitment, a crucial component of organizational expansion, is embracing new technologies to speed up the hiring process and scale it up. Organizations can evaluate candidates' fundamental competencies and appropriateness for the position and the company via online test and proctoring, which helps them shortlist prospects for interviews. Online proctored tests have evolved into the preferred method of screening, but their original purpose was to streamline and speed up the employment process without introducing extra steps or logistical demands.


The HR departments of businesses devote a lot of time in assessing candidates' personalities and job fit. Many resumes are submitted while employers are looking for new hires. During the hiring process, mistakes could creep in when done manually. Online evaluation software enables the hiring staff to evaluate candidates, hire the top ones, and make honest evaluations. Companies can swiftly analyse candidates by including evaluation tools into the hiring process so that businesses can reduce the amount of work that employees must do and let them concentrate on other things.

The development of a systematic and consistent hiring strategy is essential for the success of any business. They will be able to identify candidates for the position based on their talents. The hassle of summoning candidates to certain locations can be solved through a remote online assessment.  A good online proctoring solution will provide absolute flexibility for the recruiter to define custom workflows that can vary across different use cases. In addition, it can give actionable insights to make quick hiring decisions. To secure first-time-right hires and enhance employee retention over time, analytics-backed reports and insights make sure that more objective and data-driven decisions are made. 

When selecting the best proctoring services to hire, here are a few factors to consider-


User-Friendly Software

Before selecting any remote proctoring service, it is crucial to ensure that the service has customisable features and is simple for applicants to understand. The proctoring service’s user interface shouldn't be difficult to use. It should be simple to adjust so that they have no trouble passing the test.



Understanding how many applicants will be examined is crucial. It is best to use a programme with superior scalability if the organisation is recruiting a large number of candidates because it is best for large numbers.

Cost worthy

It is usually preferable to spend money on high-quality proctoring services because they require only one expenditure. It is preferable to invest in a proctoring service that has a good reporting system and security; this may be more expensive, but it is worth it for the candidates' safety.


Technical support

Technical support is essential for any remotely proctoring service, as it will assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you encounter any problems while administering the test. Before deciding on any proctoring services, one should make sure to check the technical support first.

A hybrid strategy is becoming more and more popular for talent management. This has made using technology mandatory, which is one of the finest ways to get rid of biases (due to the nature of the tools and platforms used). These include data-driven evaluations carried out remotely using technological tools that support a 360-degree feedback loop. This results in establishing a data-backed, strong employee profile that takes into account each individual's unique skill sets and potential for improvement. All this is made possible by integrating an apt online proctoring platform into an organization's assessment methodology. Our generation's future depends on online proctoring solutions, so any company should have it in its list of primary goal to choose the best solution in order to make their organisation future- ready.

Sujatha Kumaraswamy, CEO, MeritTrac

The article has been written by Sujatha Kumaraswamy, CEO, MeritTrac