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How this bootstrapped Indian startup is helping firms keep their employees happy

In a scenario where new age businesses are locking horns to attract the best talents, it is crucial that companies acknowledge the value of employee engagement by embracing technologies that are more people-centric. With the booming startup environment and changing organizational culture that places more emphasis on ‘people’, the adoption of employee-centered platforms is on the rise.

Staying ahead of the trend, Employee Experts, a completely bootstrapped startup is working on creating next-gen employee-centric platforms for businesses. The Bengaluru-based company intends to change the way organizations manage their people operations. Today’s workforce demand simplified and flexible operations that reduce the need for monotonous tasks, and provide uniform experience across all touch points within the enterprise. Traditional IT applications are often fragmented and fail to deliver a unified employee experience. This is the challenge that Employee experts’ employee-centric platform aims to resolve.

“We have built an employee-centric, cloud-based, multi-tenant, global SaaS platform to automate the business operations of an enterprise,” reveals, Srinivasulu Mallampooty, Co-Founder & CEO . Singular, simple and always on, as Mallampooty describes it, the platform provides a single touch connect to employees with their work and significantly enhances their experience in their interaction points with the enterprise.

It covers areas such as, Unified Talent Management, Employee Operations, Employee Engagement, Collaboration and People/Operational Analytics.

A real case- How it worked for Byju’s

Mallampooty spills some details on how Employee Experts helped Byju’s Learning scale up their employee base in a short span of two months.

After the online learning company got the funding for business expansion, they were looking at growing from 500 plus employees to 1,800 plus in a matter of two months. “This massive scaling exercise had to be seamlessly supported and hiring HR team to do that would have taken time and been extremely challenging. They also would have completely missed their business goals in that process.”

The task would have been too daunting for the HR team that was in place at the time. This is where Employee Experts partnered with their team to simplify the experience.

“To help with immediate problem of hiring and integrating employees we went live the Candidate Management and On Boarding functionality. The first week when we were live, Byju’s had to hire and on board close to a 100 candidates.”

On boarding is a process that requires collection of basic data, collecting and reviewing documentation of education and experience and getting all statutory forms in order. It would have otherwise taken the company more than a week to complete all the formalities and get the new hires to be productive. With the platform, the candidates could upload all the necessary documents online through the system. The customer HR team could then verify them through the system directly. The platform also enabled printing of all statutory forms that needed to be collected. Within one day the customer team was able to complete the on boarding of all the new hires and have them start work the very next day.

Surging demand for employee-centric technologies

The concept is picking up and resultantly a number of organizations are showing interest in the platform. “Talent centric organizations that place a lot of value on their people, growing startups that are required to scale up, organizations with distributed global workforce and organizations with complex employee operation systems are the major kind of organizations showing an interest in our solution,” says, Mallampooty. At present the company has clients across verticals like education, healthcare, web tech and new age technology companies.

“The employees, our end users, who use the system have told us in multiple occasions that they are very happy with the system and their lives have become easier with simpler processes and the ability to see all their data in one place,” adds the CEO.

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