The insurance claims process, contrary to what was believed in the past years in relation to the integration of cutting-edge technology

How the pandemic transformed the insurance sector into a digitally savvy industry: Ayan De, CTO, Exide Life Insurance

Ayan De, CTO, Exide Life Insurance recently spoke to Dataquest about how the pandemic has transformed the insurance industry in India

Customer experience became one the primary factors for consumers to consider adopting services from companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, companies of all sizes were compelled to come out with innovative measures to offer superior customer experience. When it comes to the insurance industry in particular, there was a need to adopt technology on a large scale as consumers were no longer comfortable with in-person experiences. With regard to the same, Ayan De, CTO, Exide Life Insurance, recently spoke to Dataquest about the kind of upheaval the pandemic caused in the sector.

While the insurance industry is generally considered to be a more traditional sector that is fraught with legacy challenges, the pandemic and its mandated social distancing norm resulted in the sector adopting technology like never before to ensure the best possible services to its customers. From introducing apps that can capture a customer blinking to using artificial intelligence humanoids, Exide Life Insurance introduced various innovations to help its customers, says Ayan. 

Ayan is a seasoned technology strategist with more than two decades of experience in the Insurance industry. He has specialties in technology-based process transformation, business process management, risk analysis and business continuity management. He has successfully managed several IT projects aimed at Insurance process transformation at some of the major insurance players across the South Asia geography. Ayan has been with Exide Life insurance from the past one and a half years as the company’s chief technology officer.

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