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How technology will impact global education in 2023

The prospect of global education is bright due to the transformational potential of technology, yet, it will necessitate the reskilling of educators who can utilise these new tools. As we approach 2023, the leading colleges remain satisfied with the traditional sage on the stage paradigm. 

Here is a List of How Technology will Impact Global Education in 2023

Online Education

Online education is perceived as uninteresting and a poor substitute for the real thing. New cutting-edge technologies, however, are rapidly altering this perspective. For example, ELO (Engaged Learning Online) is an online learning tool that can virtually duplicate an actual classroom down to minute detail, including making eye contact and conducting one-on-one dialogues with your teacher. ELO includes a variety of technology-driven learning aids, such as a go faster/go slower tab that provides real-time feedback to the teacher to change the speed of instruction.

Metaverse and Interactive VR Provide an Immersive Experience

Metaverse is a fast-emerging technology that offers students an immersive and interactive learning environment. It enables students to explore virtual worlds, participate in simulations, and interact in real-time with avatars. Educators may utilise metaverse to establish collaborative virtual classrooms, schools, and even universities, offering students a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

It also assists teachers in tracking student development, evaluating performance, and providing personalised feedback. It is still a few years away from being implemented, but it is still worth considering. Virtual reality (VR) classrooms that allow students to experience a new learning method are also becoming increasingly popular.

Data-driven Decision-making

By harnessing data-driven insights, educators may make informed curricular, instruction, and assessment decisions. Data-driven decision-making may assist administrators in identifying possible areas for improvement in schools. We have moved the emphasis in our MBA classroom from decision-making to data-driven decision-making. This is a talent that every graduate must have.

Gamification of Education

Gamification is introducing game-like features into learning activities, such as points, leaderboards, badges, awards, and challenges to make them more engaging. This method has been shown to improve students’ interest and engagement, increase retention and provide a better comprehension of the content. Some examples of game-based learning are educational games, simulations, virtual reality, interactive quizzes, and puzzles. This practice is being welcomed by instructors worldwide and is expected to continue in 2023.

AI Integration in Education

Chatbots powered by AI, such as ChatGPT, and virtual teaching assistants can support teachers in managing comprehensive courses, personalising learning experiences, and providing immediate feedback to students and teachers. Nowadays, everything is personalised, and education is catching up. 


In the future of education in 2023, AI-driven personalization, cloud-based material delivery, game-based learning, and smart classrooms are expected to have the most influence. These technologies/tools are difficult to implement, yet something substantial has yet to be accomplished quickly.

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