How RSMS Architects reaped the dual benefits of reduced operating costs and continuous data protection?

RSMS Architects in India gives personnel tools to enhance architectural creativity and uninterrupted protection of project data with fast backup platform. Timeliness and cost effectiveness are two very important priorities for the company. As the business expanded, the company started facing an enormous and immediate challenge to enhance support for architects while protecting the company against costly downtime with a solid data protection solution and high performance client machines.

Addressing an immediate need

“Subsequent to creation of initial infrastructure, we at RSMS, were looking for upgrading the existing infrastructure to safeguard the operation and implement data protection. Newer higher performance client machines were now needed as the company started implementing projects using technologically intensive software,” shares, Rohit Jain, Founding Partner, RSMS Architects. And also, reducing the overall operating cost had become a crucial need for the company.

After exploring numerous vendors, RSMS Architects selected Dell as their computing provider, opting for Dell Precision T3600 and T1650 workstations and Dell OptiPlex 3020 desktops across its office alongside installing Dell AppAssure on a Dell PowerEdge R720 server with Intel Xeon processors and a Dell PowerVault NX400 network attached storage array for continuous protection of all their physical and virtual data.

Dell end-to-end solution came to the rescue

Dell helped RSMS create a system to establish budgets, get quotes, get purchase orders and other administrative procedures. The seemingly simple system that was created allowed RSMS IT to place order and get them completed. The ever evolving of computers never posed a challenge to RSMS due to creation of such system. 2 Platforms for computer were chosen and customized (CPU Intensive Machines & Desktop Machines).

On the infrastructure front, the operation cost & initial capital cost goals were met due to the ease of availability available on Dell website and the expertise of the support team. Dell patiently helped RSMS in choosing an appropriate system that RSMS debated & challenged over a two month period. Based on the specific company needs, Dell proposed Dell AppAssure for continuous protection of physical and virtual data.

Reliability & Customized offerings saved the day
“One of the primary reasons for choosing Dell solution for our office architects was because of the machine performance and reliability and more importantly Dell’s willingness to customize machines as per RSMS Needs,” reveals Jain. Dell helped RSMS tackle all its IT related challenges which also included changing its previous data protection strategy that could not prevent an outage that lasted three weeks and brought the company servers and operations to a halt.

The chosen infrastructure platform now handles the Data Protection (Backups are continuously taken every 30 min & retained for five years and occupy minimal disk space) , Downtime Protection (Standby Servers come in to action in less than 10 minutes) & Lowered operation cost (Very very low air conditioning cost despite of 24x7x365 operation). The system has been designed to be scalable and is expected to meet RSMS needs till 2020.

Jain believes that the solution offered by Dell has brought in significant amount of savings on power and cooling costs and has also saved valuable IT time of about 10 hours a week on backing up data, which can now be directed for planning and building the growth infrastructure.

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