How real is IoT?

From asset tracking to inventory control to energy conservation, Indian companies are doing a lot of homework to reap benefits from IoT disruption that are throwing up new opportunities for redefining business models

TVS Motors: Getting People with Right Skillsets is a Challenge


What are the fundamental aspects of your IoT strategy? How would you describe your IoT strategy and what does it encompass?
The fundamental aspects of TVS Motors’ IoT strategy is to bring automation, process control, and traceability in the manufacturing area. We believe that the visibility drives analytical ability and that in turn converts tacit knowledge into science for better control and management.
What challenges did you face in your IoT journey?
The first challenge is the presence of heterogeneous equipment which took over a decade to be built. New generation equipment are digitally enabled. The second challenge is the availability of desired skillsets and its maintenance. These IoT projects can be deployed but maintenance in the long run is a challenge as it may impact production stoppage.
Please share some examples of the top IoT initiatives undertaken by your firm that have created huge business impact.
There are many examples that can be shared. To name one is process parameters in paint shop numbering around 70 are effectively monitored and fine-tuned to avoid rejection; and traceability helps in optimizing process parameters. Another one is automation that helped in increasing productivity.
How have these IoT initiatives helped? Can you give us some measurable statistics that show the benefits (increase in market share, improvement in efficiency, etc)?
The first objective in IoT is to produce defect-free vehicles effectively. We have significantly achieved our targets in this. This will further pave way for better customer satisfaction and improved marketshare.

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