How Internships in India has Created Perfect Launchpad for Young Careers 

This industry offered technology-focused internships in online, app, programming, AutoCAD, and civil engineering

Preeti Anand
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An analysis found that during the preceding five years, Indian students' possibilities for internships increased by 200 percent. An outline of the Indian internship landscape was provided by the Annual Internship Hiring Trends 2024. 


Which industry in India offers the most internships? 

In 2023, the business development and management sector offered the most internships, making up 44% of all. This includes customer service, operations, business development, digital marketing, sales, and marketing profiles. With 20%, the engineering industry finished in second. This industry offered technology-focused internships in online, app, programming, AutoCAD, and civil engineering. 

There were also many internships in the media industry, with 18% falling into the categories of public relations, creative writing, journalism, videography, and photography. 


Five percent of the options involved:

  • Design
  • Three percent involved education and volunteer work
  • Two percent or less complicated finance and data science 

Which states have the most internships available? 


With 34% of the internship possibilities, Delhi-NCR had the highest percentage. Mumbai (16%), Bengaluru (10%), Pune (5%), Hyderabad (3%), and Jaipur (3%) were the following most populous cities. 

What qualities of interns do recruiters seek? 

When hiring interns, recruiters seek the following qualities in candidates: 


Additional qualifications for 4% of internships include digital marketing, social media marketing, and MS Excel proficiency. Similar demand was seen for proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, creative writing, SEO, and Photoshop, accounting for 3% of internship positions. A bright spot in India among global employment market doldrums 

Despite the dire state of the worldwide employment market, there is cause for hope in India

In the midst of a worldwide economic downturn, the Indian economy stands out for its durability, according to a recent Korn Ferry India Compensation Survey, with workers in India expected to enjoy the most significant pay increases in the Asia-Pacific area this year. The survey said the most significant compensation increases are expected in the financial services industry, global capability centers (GCCs), product firms, and the chemicals, industrial products, and retail sectors.