How Flock, an enterprise messaging app, helped reduce email usage by 60%

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Enterprise messaging tools and services have garnered a lot of interest and are witnessing increase in adoption in the Indian workplace, as a superior and a unified way of communication. Flock is an enterprise communication and collaboration app for teams that speeds up and simplifies communication and boosts organizational productivity.


Flock recently conducted a survey to understand consumer perception and how it has helped its users to move away from traditional ways of communication and increase productivity at work. With over thousand respondents, the survey depicted interesting results showcasing the adoption of enterprise messaging app - Flock across industries and functions.

When questioned about enterprise messaging apps replacing internal email, 60% of the users said to have cut down their email usage by half. Also, of the total respondents, 10% of the users have done away with in-person meetings completely.

When questioned on productivity, the survey projected 7 out of 10 users witnessed at least 20% increase in their productivity post the adoption of Flock.


Flock consistently strives to redefine the manner of communication in our day to day work life. The recent launch of its App store enables users to connect external work apps and services that they frequently use, directly into Flock.

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