How EdTech platforms are enhancing the quality of teachers

EdTech platforms are reducing the disparity by breaking the geographical gap and enabling students to receive education in a reformed manner

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The EdTech Industry has played a significant role in transforming the educational system around the world. Online learning platforms have created a paradigm shift in the learning system. The technology-based delivery system has contributed to the rise in the number of students, as the learning population includes students, working professionals and other education seekers. Education technology has been a key factor in imparting education in a fun and efficient manner, through use of videos, augmented reality, automated tutoring and online homework assistance. The EdTech market is largely focusing on transforming and redefining the education experience by disrupting traditional learning models by including customisation, audio-visual and personalised learning solutions.


Personalised learning model has become very popular in the online education space. Students receive one-on-one tutoring with dedicated teachers, who assist the learners to overcome academic challenges and focus on comprehensive learning. Teachers highly focus on minimizing distractions, provide personalised attention, decrease the reliance on peers, encourage directly asking questions to tutors and enhance academic performance. EdTech companies are extremely useful for enhancing the quality of teachers in two ways – (A) Expanding what they are able to do (B) Enhancing what they do now. Teachers can provide high value instructional content with ease, as online platforms provide multiple tools to reduce their burden. 

Technology provides various tools for teachers to adopt valuable learning activities for students. Differentiated instruction method focuses on providing one-to-one customised education to students based on their core strengths and areas of improvement. Various platforms provide automated personalised report to teachers, which can assist them in designing customised lessons for every individual student. Teachers can use multiple online platforms and create an environment of “EDUTAINMENT” to engage the students in the learning process. Technology is useful for teachers as they can pre-record some lectures and use the class time for application of concepts. Data-driven instruction is useful to track the progress and performance of the students in real time. Valuable activities like project-based learning, problem-based learning and gamification are useful to reduce the burden of teachers and provide effective learning solutions to the students. 

Personalised learning provides a medium to foster a caring and supportive relationship between the teachers and the students. Teachers can understand the mental and emotional challenges faced by the students and provide their assistance in an empathic manner. They can assign online homework, send announcements related to school activities and create homework reminders for their students. The biggest advantage for the teachers is that they can automate repetitive and vigorous tasks which required huge amount of time and effort in the traditional teaching model. 


EdTech platforms are reducing the disparity by breaking the geographical gap and enabling students to receive education in a reformed manner. Teachers are empowered as they can provide high quality education to a large number of students, at the comfort of their homes. Thereby, they can eliminate the physical and time barrier faced in traditional setups. Moreover, the classes are flexible as they can be scheduled as per the teacher’s convenience and availability. The additional income generated in these online platforms allows teachers to feel a sense of empowerment, as their disposal income increases. Moreover, they can take advantage of these multiple platforms to provide their knowledge and improve their standard of living to a great extent. 

COVID-19 has played a major role in revolutionising the education system. Teachers faced a major challenge of understanding the online platform to provide seamless learning experience to the students. However, they are empowered by these platforms which focus on training them to adopt a growth mindset, improve their technological skills, provide emotional and social support and make them technologically ready. With the additional training, guidance and support, the EdTech platforms will be successful in empowering teachers to provide high-quality education to the learning population of the world. 

The article has been written by Divya Tej Pereira, Founder, Tutrrd