How Deltin group automated its marketing & lead generation process

With so many different lead generation platforms, the Deltin group needed a system that could integrate their efforts into one platform and generate revenues along the way

Owned by Delta Corporation, the Deltin group offers luxury hotels and casino. Right from ads in magazines to hoardings, gantries, social and digital media, the Deltin group was investing in all sorts of advertising campaigns to target its audience. The sales team at Deltin gets new leads everyday either through outdoor trips, meetings, trade fairs, so on and so forth. With so many different lead generation platforms, the group was not able to integrate all of their marketing and sales activities into one channel. And since they did not have any marketing system in place, lead management was becoming a problem. The group needed a system that could integrate their efforts into one platform and generate revenues along the way.

The Challenge

The group has a very diverse target audience and people come to their website for diverse information needs, someone may come to book a hotel or someone may come to find out about pure gaming. There was no system in place to track the leads, for instance, how many leads the sales person needs to get, etc, because nothing was recorded. Moreover, they were not able to integrate information received from all channels. Secondly, there was a need for a system to improve engagement with the leads and also have the sales people update the management of all their leads.

Considering the problem, the group took a trial of almost every lead management tool in the market and finally zeroed on using LeadSquared’s marketing automation and sales acceleration software to increase their selling velocity and retain customer mindshare.

The Benefits

Since the time the group started using this automation tool, it has resulted in better attribution which in turn has resulted in a more measured marketing effort and better distribution of budgets amongst several other benefits.

“With people coming to our website for different things, all their queries need to be answered without any delays. All this data was captured earlier in an excel sheet. But today we have database of all these leads which is much easy to track,” adds Floyd Tavares, Manager, Business and Digital Marketing at Delta Corp Ltd. Not only online, the automation tool helps in capturing leads from print media as well through defined custom URLs, which helps identify which media is working. Floyd adds, “Using the tool, the number of leads coming in per day has significantly shot up. There has also been an increase in active lead count. Our lead generation has increased month on month.  We started off with around 1% sale conversion. In the last month, it was around 10%. Our lead conversion is much higher and it has increased over a period of 8 months.” Moreover, we have an engagement of about 94% with all our leads, which is significantly high as the industry standard is about 12%. Floyd adds that as the integration has been smooth, they have introduced new channels like live chat which has seen a significant increase in the sales team.

“Now instead of spending 5-10 minutes (per lead) to enter the lead details into the system, all we do is use LeadSquared’s markcopy connector when they send emails to new leads, which automatically enters the new lead’s email id into the system. With the markcopy connector, we can track how many emails are being sent per day by each sales person, what is the engagement of every lead, etc. In other words, now we are getting a database of sales people and their outbound activities, besides the normal reporting,”  states Floyd.

Many marketing activities including auto mailers, auto responders, follow-up mails, etc, are all automated. Floyd adds, “Earlier, we have never tracked email open rates and never sent engaging emails and there had never been a follow up process. But now, we are continuously in touch with each and every customer and with every campaign we have a follow up process.” Right from how many emails are being sent per day by each person to the engagement level of every lead, everything can now be tracked. Its use has resulted in better attribution and better distribution of budgets for the group.


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