How Data and AI power financial investments decisions

Synaptic, a fintech SaaS player leveraging the power of Alternative Datasets, is helping big ticket investors in making informed investment decisions.

Headquartered in Noida and was founded by Rohit Razdan and Anurag Abbott in 2016, aims to redefine how investments are made in today’s highly dynamic business environment. Synaptic uses data and AI to investment research, and provides comprehensive research and tracking of companies, sectors and competitors by analyzing financials, alternative datasets and company reports, all in one place.

Rohit Razdan, Co-Founder, Synaptic in a conversation with DQDeepTech shares insights on alternative datasets are being integrated into the investment, how data is helping top investors source the best deal, the market readiness and business potential of Synaptic. Razdan also talks about the expansion plans for the future.

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