How BookMyShow increased its customer engagements & CTR by over 40%

The new avatar of email has distinctly anchored the brand essance of BookMyShow and also increased the sales through real-time personalised emails

In this digital era, it is quite simple to convey your brand message but the question lies in how you will affirmatively connect with your customer so that the customer understands your message and comes to you time and again.

India’s one of the largest entertainment online movie ticket-booking platforms, BookMyShow was facing problems in retaining customers. They wanted to offer more personalized experience to their customers and engage with them for the repeat business. They wanted to provide live and relevant content to their customers via personalized emails, by making it easier and faster for them to book tickets. Reaching to subscribers with regular updates on showtimes, movie tickets, concert tickets, and events calendar was thus a major challenge.

“The previous generation of email sent were assembled with the data that was made available about a few days in advance to the mailing system and assembled into the mailer and sent. The mailing system couldn’t change the content when the mail was opened by the recipient and couldn’t show what has changed since then for the recipient. Hence the content in the mail for the intended recipient was stale and hence was not relevant and curious,” states Manjunatha KG, Chairman and CEO, Kenscio Digital.

An Innovation-Driven Solution
BookMyShow then chose Kenscio’s Real Time Personalization (RTP) platform to overcome the challenges. Kenscio’s Real Time Personalization (RTP) platform works like a dynamic advertising system, where the content in the mailer is served to the person who opened the mailer at that instant by using the ID of the person, the time at which he/she opened the mailer, the location, device on which the mail was opened and also using the past history and behavior of the person to dynamically serve the content that is most relevant, urgent, curious, and contextual. The product is built as a software-as-as-service (SaaS) platform on the cloud infrastructure, which is robust and scalable. It is built on an open source LAMP stack. A distinct API was developed by the engineering team at BookMyShow, which makes a call to their database every time the user opens the e-mail, and hence dynamically displays the next available show time for any cinema. Additionally, they tabulated the data at their end to arrive at a user’s favorite cinema, and hence display show times for their preferred cinema choice.Users can now see all showtimes for the venue of their choice within the email itself, basis their past transactional history with BookMyShow. As a next step, to personalize this experience even further, the company intends to show users only their favorite showtimes—that they regularly prefer, for their favorite cinema.


Marzdi Kalianiwala, VP Business Intelligence & Marketing, BookMyShow says, “With the ever evolving preferences of our large user base, being relevant in terms of the content strategy is imperative. This integration has surged our click-through-rate (CTR) by over 40%, and hence increased conversions and engagement. The more personalized our approach, the more relevant the communication, and eventually better adoption. Going forward, we intend to incorporate this feature into other product offerings such as food and beverage as well.”

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  1. Parag says:

    Good case study. We have helped brands in similar situation by providing detailed visual communication recordings. With eye tracking one can record exactly what the customers have seen, or not, on the digital interfaces. This gives implicit insights in customer behaviour.

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