How an entertainment company KSS increased customer engagement by 60%

Focussed on customer engagement, media and entertainment company KSS reactivated the dormant customers and saw a conversion of 80% dormant customers into active customers

“Treat your customers like your would be fiancée.” The statement holds true for every organization as customers today are the key stakeholders. And any unhappy customer can negatively impact the business. In fact, the organizations now widely acknowledge that customer experience truly has the potential to make or break the company. With a similar belief, Mumbai-based K Sera Sera which owns miniplex cinema screens across the country wanted to improve their engagement with customers, and get appropriate and timely feedback from them. Even when the customer acquisition improved, the existing customers did not return to watch movies at the miniplexes. The company wanted to understand its customers better to increase its footfall.

The Problem

Understanding customers’ behavioral patterns and preferences is very essential for any business. But for KSS collating customer feedback data from numerous platforms was difficult. Moreover, the data collected was very vague, inconsistent, and did not help the brand to initiate key business decisions on time. Even the online and social space for data of engagement at theatres did not help to make any important decisions as these analytics were not helping solve issues faced by the company. And the only data KSS had was the monthly sales figure and based on this figure taking business decisions was not an ideal way of analyzing customer engagement. Customer loyalty was missing and no customer feedback was available to track the switch in decision. The offers and schemes were not able to reach the target audience in time and ended up pulling more investments. The RoI was poor and the cost-benefit ratio was ineffectual. In a nutshell, they lacked a program to engage customers who were on board with them. They were missing on a platform to measure the tangent leading to better understanding of their customers and hence fixing loss on customers.

The Solution

KSS zeroed on One Rewardz technological platform to engage with its customers and change the transaction-based perception attached to loyalty programs and an interactional curve was also added to solve the group’s customer engagement problem. “We integrated seamlessly with their POS system without affecting their on-going processes, added interactional curve to solve KSS’ customer engagement problem,” adds Sunpreet Singh and Ashwin Meshram, Co-founders, ONE Rewardz. With this implementation, loyalty programs were initiated which helped KSS to understand customers’ preference in terms of movies, marketing campaigns, etc, that worked effectively. The implementation provided KSS with a real-time analytical dashboard that was accessible to the decision makers and can be accessed anywhere. With this dashboard, the KSS team gets all insights including the list of their top customers by sales, customer behavior, trends and their spending patterns, latest transactions, effective marketing campaigns and many more.

The Benefits

Any decision regarding service providers need to be backed with proof and the severity of the decision is hence decided. Issues in service and staff behavior were clearly highlighted in the analytics and feedback was given to the concerned property managers.

After getting the required data, it was noticed that a few Hollywood movies were earlier not available at miniplexes and the customer feedback clearly stated this requirement, which reached to the decision makers and required steps were taken to screen new releases.

Ashwin Meshram, Co-founder, ONE Rewardz says, “One of the delightful changes for KSS was that the customer engagement increased by a whopping 60% from the earlier 30% whereas sales has seen great jump.” Another significant improvement came with a video notification that features movie trailers and this increased customer traction by 50%. Indeed every Thursday a movie trailer is sent to customers for upcoming movies, show timings, and provide them with tele-booking number to instantly book their tickets.

Overall, the implementation reactivated the dormant customers and saw a conversion of 80% dormant customers into active customers. KSS can now send targeted offers to these customers through the ONE platform and get them back to their theaters more often.

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