How 5G transforming and reshaping the future of the iGaming industry

As the 5G footprint rises in India, we can expect to see iGaming industry reach newer audiences and regions across the country

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The iGaming industry has been growing at a fast pace in the last few years. Things like online gambling, sports betting etc have really taken off with more and more people spending their recreational time on iGaming platforms. This shift in consumer behavior can be seen on the back of various technological advancements in the industry. The rollout of 5G for one has accelerated the reach and growth of such platforms in India. With better connectivity and higher network speeds, companies like Parimatch have been able to develop new user bases and expand in uncharted territories. 


Let’s look at how 5G can transform and reshape the future of the iGaming industry

Faster Network Speeds

One of the primary benefits of 5G is its faster network speeds. With network speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G, 5G has the potential to revolutionize the iGaming industry. It can not only provide a seamless gaming experience but also enable real-time gaming without any delays or lag. This is especially important for online multiplayer titles, which require low latency and high network speeds to operate efficiently.


Mobile Cloud Gaming

The popularity of mobile gaming has been on the rise over the past few years. And with the introduction of 5G, it is set to become even more popular as services like cloud gaming will make it to the mainstream. The use of 5G will enable access to high-speed and reliable internet connections that will allow gamers to stream games on their mobile phones instead of depending on high-end hardware. Even for developers, this will give rise to new opportunities as they look to expand the scope of AAA titles to smartphones and tablets. 

Improved Virtual Reality Gaming


New gaming technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) etc have been gaining popularity over the past few years. And with the advent of 5G, this is expected to rise even further as 5G provides the necessary network speeds and connectivity infrastructure to support such high-quality and immersive gaming experiences. As the 5G footprint rises in India, we can expect to see iGaming reach newer audiences and regions across the country.

Adaptive gaming

While XR and cloud gaming are often talked about with 5G technology, AI-powered interactive gaming is mostly overlooked. 5G adoption is expected to drive a new era of adaptive gaming where players will be able to control the game experience by basing the gameplay on their behavior and choices. Using 5G tech, games will be able to support user-generated content in the form of characters, levels and even storylines and provide an adaptive experience to players. The widespread adoption of 5G is expected to enable advanced applications of AI in gaming.


New Payment Methods

The introduction of 5G has also led to the development of new payment methods. With faster network speeds, iGaming companies can now offer seamless payment options to their customers. This means that customers can now make payments quickly and easily, without any delays. These transaction methods such as mobile payments and cryptocurrency payments offer greater convenience to customers and make it easier for them to engage with such platforms.

The article has been written by Dmitry Belianin, CCO, Parimatch International