Housing.com Top Attractor of Talent in India by LinkedIn

Housing.com, India’s most innovative and trusted real estate platform, is proud to be featured amongst the first ever global list of Top Attractors, Where the World Wants to Work Now, fuelled by LinkedIn data. LinkedIn issued a country-wise ranking of companies that are attracting and retaining the talent. Housing.com stands tall and proud at the 9th position, being the only real estate company in the list and above other technology big-wigs like Microsoft, Snapdeal, OLA, Cisco and others. A complete list can be viewed here.

LinkedIn’s Top Attractors List is comprised of the companies where people most eagerly want to secure a job, and continue to grow within the company, as determined by 12 metrics that measure literally billions of online actions taken by LinkedIn’s 433 million members. Among those metrics: the number of views and applications per job posting on LinkedIn; the number of views of a company’s career page; and employee retention statistics as measured through profile updates were considered for each company. The data was normalized across industries — so a tech company’s metrics weren’t measured against one in fashion — and LinkedIn only looked at companies with more than 500 employees.

A delighted Ajay Nair, Chief Administration Officer Housing.com said, “This recognition is yet another testimony of Housing.com’s strong resonance, vision and values amongst people. It is an honour for us to be featured in the Top Attractors List by LinkedIn. We know that LinkedIn has some stringent assessment process, and we are proud and to be in the Top 10, alongside some well-established companies in India.”

In July 2015, Housing.com was featured at 6th position as the youngest and only start-up on LinkedIn’s list of top influential brands in India.

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