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Hitachi Vantara launches VSP E990 all-NVMe array for mid-size enterprises

Hitachi Vantara has announced the Hitachi VSP E990 fastest all-NVMe array for mid-size enterprises. It has also launched the Hitachi OPS Center 10.1, the advanced AIOps for every enterprise. Hitachi Vantara also introduced the EverFlex that provides more acquisition choice for Hitachi products, services and solutions. You can choose from EverFlex Purchase, EverFlex Lease and cloud-like pay-per-use EverFLex Consumption.

Jonathan Martin, CMO, Hitachi Vantara, said the mid-size enterprise challenges include business innovation, resource constraints, matching growth, and protecting reputation. All organizations need proven, powerful and predictable infrastructure. Now, Hitachi Vantara is resetting the bar for mid-range storage.

Patricia Harris, VP of Marketing, Hitachi Vantara, said all organizations need proven, powerful and predictable infrastructure solutions. Your data is equally important to that of any financial organization or analyst. Hitachi Vantara’s storage is proven. We have offered time-tested performance, availability and scalability. Powerful management and automation capabilities enable you to streamline the delivery and reduce up to 70% of your manual tasks. It allows you to align the technology spending with metrics such as usage and outcomes.

The Hitachi Vantara storage platform is the storage family for micro cloud to mid-size data center. The VSP F370 offers compact all-flash appliance. The VSP F900 offers high-performance simplified storage. The VSP E9900 provides all-NVMe with smart data reduction. The VSP 5100 offers powerful and flexible storage platform.

To enable you to build a storage ecosystem of varying capability, the VSP models can replicate at distances upto 500km. All of the solutions run a legendary storage virtualization OS. It leads to an unprecedented management savings and simplicity.

The entire VSP family is supported by 100% data availability guarantee, best-in-class performance, common data services, one console, and EverFlex. Hitachi Vantara solutions deliver best-in-class performance. It delivers industry-leading reliability.

Colin Gallagher, VP Infrastructure Solutions Product Marketing, Hitachi Vantara, added that VSP E990 delivers best-in-class performance upto 5.8M IOPS and latencies as low as 64µs. You can future-proof technology, making it SCM-ready and NVMe over fabrics upgradeable. You can also consolidate and simplify. The Hitachi VSP E990 delivers tremendous performance as low as $0.03 per IOPS.

We need to be smarter to reduce the storage costs. The AI-powered data reduction capability allows you to maximize application performance. Compression is always inline. Integrated intelligence varies duplication method. It is also AI-optimized to increase the system efficiency. There is 30% more IOPS and 3.5x lower response times.

There are resiliency enhancements as well. There is 80% reduction in flash rebuild times. Distributed cache across controllers, elimination of write through modes, and redundant copies of shared memory are some of the other features.

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