Hitachi Vantara Introduces Smart Data Center To Lower IT Operational Cost

Smart Data Center Solution and Managed Services Available Now as the Foundation for Hitachi Vantara Vision for the Future of IT Operations and Management

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Hitachi Vantara, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. , announced its vision for the smart data center today at NEXT 2017. Smart Data Center from Hitachi Vantara brings together the latest technologies and approaches in infrastructure management, predictive analytics and internet of things (IoT) capabilities to address the challenges customers face in managing today’s complex IT environments. Hitachi Vantara envisions Smart Data Center as the ultimate approach to optimize all aspects of IT operations across data centers, reduce cost, manage risk and increase agility to respond to business change.


This Smart Data Center approach makes IT more agile by centralizing control and automating processes that span systems, data centers and clouds. Smart Data Center differs from traditional IT administration by automating decision-making, insight and guidance through predictive analytics, IoT and prescriptive intelligence. These advanced capabilities centralize the management of IT infrastructure for simple tasks like provisioning as well as more complex operations such as optimization and self-healing across data centers.

The Smart Data Center:

• Speeds time to deploy IT resources and complete administrative tasks.

• Streamlines changing and adding new infrastructure technology.

• Provides holistic, dynamic data center operational and commercial views, on-demand, for data-driven decision-making, risk management and planning.

• Maximizes operational efficiency and cost reduction.

• Improves business alignment and consistent delivery of service levels.


“Our Smart Data Center technologies and services provide powerful new tools and approaches so the next-generation data center administrator can manage more, manage better and improve IT’s ability to become an agile and responsive resource for the business,” said Bobby Soni, chief solutions and services officer, Hitachi Vantara. “Our customers will see exponential gains in efficiency and effectiveness.”

A fully managed Smart Data Center solution is now available through Hitachi Vantara’s early customer adoption program. The solution is a fully managed offering that applies advanced analytics and integrated orchestration, on- or off-premises, to information collected from a customer’s data center. Customers are then provided with the information, insight and guidance needed to manage their heterogeneous infrastructure environments with predictable operational outcomes at lower cost. The Smart Data Center solution provides:

• Service health and alerting.

• Automation of common infrastructure operations.

• Performance management.

• Asset management.

• Capacity management.

• Availability and data protection.

• IT optimization.

• Risk management and compliance information.

• Data center IoT sensor management, including energy and thermal.

• Physical and virtual IT security.


The early customer adoption program is designed to provide an opportunity for initial customers of the Smart Data Center solution to co-create the final capabilities with our partners and us before the solution is standardized for general availability. Co-creation ensures that our service offerings have proven strategic relevance and greater value for our customers, and enable us to develop differentiated solutions with partners.

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