Hitachi is uniquely positioned to solve some of the world’s biggest problems: Jack Domme, CEO, Hitachi Data Systems

Jack Domme, Chief Executive Officer, Hitachi Data Systems, shares how the company's social innovations strategy can play a pivotal role in transforming India digitally

Over the years, Hitachi with its cutting edge technologies has been contributing towards the development of societies across the world and providing solutions to combat the issues pertaining to rapid urbanization. In a detailed e-mail interview with Narinder Kumar, Jack Domme, Chief Executive Officer, Hitachi Data Systems, shares how the company’s social innovations strategy  can play a pivotal role in transforming India digitally

1. Post the announcement at Connect 2015, please elaborate on your social innovation strategy for the global markets? How will it help society at large and can you share some examples?
At Hitachi, we have not only the ability, but we believe, the obligation to focus on solving big problems in the world. Global trends such as explosive population growth, mass urbanization and aging populations call for new ways to use resources efficiently, treat chronic medical conditions, prevent crime, improve mobility, predict system failures, and more. Hitachi Data Systems has expanded our proficiency from leadership in data storage to advanced data analytics, the Internet of Things and connected intelligence. We know data like no one else – it’s literally our middle name. Together with Hitachi’s operational and industrial expertise, we are uniquely positioned to help societies and businesses solve some of the world’s biggest problems – from public safety to sustainability, transportation and healthcare. We call this Social Innovation.

For example, a major city in the Bahamas has about 250 camera pods installed throughout the city to help keep residents and tourists safe. All video feeds are pulled into the local police department using Hitachi Visualization Software. This software enables integration of behavioral recognition software and computer aided dispatch software into a “single pane of glass” system that allows law enforcement to monitor activity and respond to safety incidents rapidly and precisely.

Another example is the work Hitachi Data Systems and SAP are doing in partnership with the United Nations to create a real-time situational awareness and infectious disease management platform to manage the spread of Ebola and H5N1 in Africa. We are integrating solutions from HDS, including our Hitachi Clinical Repository, Hitachi Content Platform and Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere, Hitachi Unified Compute Platform with SAP HANA, Mobile Platform, and Lumira into a secure, cloud-based delivery platform linking care givers, researchers and government organizations.
As we continue to combine IT operational systems and technology expertise across Hitachi, we will deliver scalable solutions that drive business and social outcomes to make the world healthier, safer, and smarter.

2. India Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has pledged to build 100 smart cities by 2020, how is Hitachi aligning its vision with the growing demand of smart cities?
From its inception, the mission of Hitachi has been to advance society through technology. How we have done that has changed dramatically over the 105 years Hitachi has been in business, but never has the opportunity been greater. Hitachi is uniquely positioned with extensive expertise and capabilities in almost every industry and sector, along with deep information technology experience and solutions.

This set of capabilities means Hitachi can deliver solutions to meet a wide variety of challenges today’s cities are facing – whether that’s smart traffic management in Singapore or smart rail systems in the UK or a smart energy grid in Hawaii (US). We are doing all of this today and investing the tremendous resources of Hitachi to further advance our ability to help today’s urban populations thrive. This is especially pertinent in growing markets like India and its focus on continuing to advance infrastructure to support the country’s full economic potential.

3. How is Hitachi reinventing itself to face the challenges of an ever changing technology landscape and growing customer demands?
For the past several years, Hitachi has been evolving its business to focus on Social Innovation – using innovative technology to help to solve the world’s big problems. This focus has come through investments, divestitures, greater collaboration across Hitachi, and now through more autonomous regional leadership structures. More than ever, we’re targeting areas where we can use our unique technological, industrial, and data analytics capabilities to make a difference: healthcare, public safety, smart cities, transportation, telecommunications, connected vehicles, energy, and more. We’re delivering global solutions that meet customer demand and impact society in a positive way.

  4. Acquisition is currently the most common way to solve “maintaining innovation” and HDS has acquired few companies in the past couple of months. What is the company’s acquisition strategy?
Hitachi has a long history of innovation from within, and we plan to continue that journey. But today’s technology environment is changing so quickly that it makes sense to complement our own R&D with select, strategic acquisitions. Moving forward, we will continue to acquire companies that will help extend our portfolio and accelerate time to market for our key business areas.  For example, HDS recently acquired Pentaho and Pantascene to accelerate its Social Innovation vision and Internet of Things roadmap. These technologies are integrated into our existing portfolio and enable HDS to extend our capabilities and deliver comprehensive solutions to customers.

5. With your expanded role in Hitachi and Hitachi Americas, how do you plan to bring in Hitachi technology collaboration to the next level?
The Hitachi companies are already collaborating to bring differentiated solutions to the marketplace –The breadth of our capabilities at Hitachi is virtually unmatched, yet in the Americas there remains tremendous opportunity to extend our reach and market share. My goal is to continue increasing collaboration across the various groups by ensuring the vast resources of Hitachi are aligned and fully utilized to drive innovative Hitachi solutions to our global customers, especially in the area of Social Innovation.

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