Hindustan Times: Issuing New Themes

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Mohit Agarwal, Hindustan Times

The flagship publication of the Hindustan Times group, Hindustan Times, has

been one of the most formidable media players with its strong presence in

northern India. Built over years of technology layers, the IT infrastructure

here has played a key role in streamlining its business operations by playing a

central role in the production and distribution of newspapers, and now even for

major decisions regarding business policy and launch of new editions/locations.

Hindustan Times has 13 print locations across the country. With more than

2000 desktops and 80 servers across these locations, the IT setup has been

managed very well by using a completely outsourced model for maintenance of all

IT assets. All of HT's print locations are connected via radio links and 2

Mbps leased lines. Dedicated leased lines for Internet and use of Lotus notes

for e-mail services have further kept these locations in a secure and reliable

mesh. HT has also implemented teleconferencing across locations along with VoIP.


Large enterprise class applications like SAP, ERP, PPI Page Creation and

Management software, and in-house developed 'Newsmart' for getting news

agency feeds, are being used along with legacy applications in the areas of HR,

Sales, BPO and Circulation. Built on a centralized architecture, all three

applications have been installed centrally at Delhi, on Enterprise class Sun

servers, under cluster environment, with their clients installed locally.

Advertisements, the running lifeline of a publishing house, have been

effectively administered by use of Quick Booking Counters (QBC), which book the

classified ads of walk-in customers. The software is tightly integrated with

SAP/PPI. HT's agents can now get ads booked from any location for any location

and for any edition. These ads are then transferred online to the centralized

SAP/PPI, ultimately resulting in increased ad volumes and business for HT.

On the net bandwagon, HT has been setting its own path breakers. Hosted in

USA, HT's website,, has been rated as the fourth best

content website in the world by Forbes. The publication biggie accepts

classified bookings on the net through the website. This has resulted in users

across the globe being able to book ads from the comforts of their homes, giving

a big boost to the revenue, not to mention the visibility of HT's brand.




Complete outsourcing of all IT asset maintenance

- Agents can get advertisements booked from any location, for any edition

- Accepts classified booking online

To effectively monitor the performance of the sales network and to increase

customer satisfaction, HT operates a captive call center which front ends with

the end customer and handles their queries/complaints.

For MIS purposes, Hindustan Times uses SAP's Business Intelligence

Warehouse software. Due to the availability of information in real time basis,

HT is able to formulate strategies keeping in mind the competition and the

changing market realities.