Hindalco: Shining All the Way

DQI Bureau
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Sanjeev Goel, Hindalco

It has implemented Oracle e-business suite covering all the business

functions viz, finance, manufacturing, order management, procurement and

maintenance. The solution also includes the CRM/SCM applications like istore,

isupplier portal, isupport and teleservices. In fact, Hindalco boasts of the

largest Oracle applications implementation in India in terms of complexity, user

base and application foot print.

This has helped Hindalco boost its efficiency across all areas. In

manufacturing, the cycle time was reduced to 11-13 days from 23.2 days (base

level). In procurement, it was able to save up to Rs 46.5 lakh through online

reverse auctioning. In sales, the working capital was slashed by 9% due to

reduction in finished goods inventory. And in finance, faster payment

realization made possible savings of Rs 4 crore in working capital.


Hindalco had to get 70 key users as change managers and change drivers for

the implementation of ERP and CRM modules, which involved training of over 2000

users on ERP across 20 locations. The company created online e-learning modules

through its knowledge management portal called AdityaDisha.

Hindalco has set up its data center at Renukoot, which is the biggest

manufacturing site and has the maximum number of users. It has one database

server, two applications server and one training, test and development server

connected to a SAN with a present capacity of 3TB, but scalable up to 23TB. It

has also used clustering technology to prevent downtime, investing in two level

DR solutions.



The largest Oracle application in India

- Uses clustering technology to prevent downtime

- Deployed a vehicle tracking system

- Uses 'Project Everest,' a business

By implementing a vehicle tracking system using VI eTrans, which is a cost

effective solution over the other alternatives that use GSM/GPS/RF technologies,

the company has been able to provide realtime status of vehicles every 150 kms

across India.

Finally, under a Business Improvement Initiative called 'Project Everest,'

Hindalco analyzed its existing processes, then evaluated various solutions, and

finally, adopted best business practices made available by the Oracle

Applications ERP package, based on the recommendations of Accenture. In all,

Hindalco identified a total of 319 processes with 1243 sub-processes under

finance, sales, manufacturing, maintenance and materials.