Hilfigers Virtual Rooms ensure Low Carbon

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Painted in green is now the latest style statement in the fashion and

apparels industry. Fashion and apparels giant, Tommy Hilfiger is all excited

about the new technology which they recently deployed in their manufacturing

facilities. The concept, called virtual fitting rooms, aims to reduce carbon

emissions, costs as well as travel. The fitting rooms link Tommy Hilfigers

designers and manufacturing facilities in Amsterdam, New York, Hong Kong and



As per a five-year managed services contract with British Telecom, Tommy

Hilfiger will deploy virtual fitting rooms in their various manufacturing

facilities. Says Sudhir Narang, MD, BT India, Earlier, high definition

videoconferencing and telepresence were mainly used for enterprise users or

within the enterprise. Now with our integration with Cisco and Tandberg

technology, we see a huge adoption across verticals and markets who are looking

for not only maximizing their RoI, but also reducing carbon footprint and travel

costs using our integrated solution. Tommy Hilfiger believes that such virtual

fitting rooms are the new delivery models for their business and will maximize

their RoIs.

Green Fits Best

The virtual fitting rooms would enable immediate global face to face

communication and collaboration among Tommy Hilfigers designers and

manufacturing facilities. Says Narang, There is an upsurge and acceptance of

this green technology in the market. The contract will certainly benefit fashion

giant Tommy Hilfiger and will also allow them to make faster decisions looking

at the designs of the clothing from one location to another virtually. Because

of our own enterprise wide exchange, we can reduce the carbon footprint and

people need not travel from one place to another to check out designs.

The virtual fitting rooms have some key add-ons such as mobile cameras and

recording facilities, which means that designers working in the New York

manufacturing facility can collaborate faster with the team in Hong Kong, making

them more agile and competitive. Moreover, there is no need for designers to

travel long distances by air to showcase their designs. Says Narang, Carbon

footprint can significantly be reduced by our telepresence solution and we

believe that we could take this forward in a big way in India as well.


Carbon footprint can significantly be

reduced by our telepresence solution and we believe that we could take this

forward in a big way in India as well

Sudhir Narang, MD, BT India

Virtual meeting experiences through videoconferencing and telepresence is now

the next big thing. As rightly pointed out that virtual meetings were restricted

only among enterprise users, it is expected that collaborative tools will spread

their wings in a big way as the demand for such tools would increase more and

more from all verticals and industry segments. Green communication and

collaboration will help address the growing concerns of climate change as well.

We hope that the next UN Climate Conference that takes place in Cancun, Mexico

goes virtual and green too!

PC Suraj