Highest-Paying AI Careers to Pursue in 2024

In this article, we discuss some of the AI careers that will be in demand in the upcoming year in India and abroad

Preeti Anand
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Highest-Paying AI Careers to Pursue in 2024

We live in the age of artificial intelligence (AI), and most industries are significantly investing in establishing the potential artificial intelligence ecosystem to reduce human intervention and accurately boost production. This is one of the primary reasons the younger generation is captivated by artificial intelligence technology and wishes to learn more about it. Also, if you are talented in AI, you may opt for AI careers that offer higher pay.


AI Careers in Demand in 2024

Here are some of the AI careers that will be in demand in the upcoming year:

Data Scientist


In general, Data Scientists work with data and must comprehend statistics, mathematics, probability principles, programming languages, and data processing platforms. In general, data scientists work in natural language processing and computer vision.

They collaborate with other experts to optimise deep learning models and create innovative tools for algorithm testing. Data Scientists can advance to the post of Director of Data Science, earning high pay.

Business Intelligence (BI) Engineer


A Business Intelligence (BI) Engineer discovers patterns and connections among dataset properties. Decipher data trends that influence key business choices. They are in charge of creating and maintaining complicated data on cloud-based platforms.

To flourish in this profession, you must have a background in engineering, computer science, or a similar subject, hands-on experience in data analysis and familiarity with web-based technologies.

ML Engineer


Machine learning engineers collaborate with the designers of AI's prediction algorithms. ML engineers create scalable models that can manage massive amounts of real-time data. To become an ML engineer, one must be proficient in ML and DL-based applications and have programming experience in many languages. This finally leads to a six-figure compensation in the AI sector.

AI Software Engineer

AI Software Engineers typically create the architecture of AI applications. They involve communication and information sharing between data scientists and data engineers and the development and maintenance of software required for AI jobs. A college degree in a related discipline, as well as programming and analytical skills, is needed.


Artificial intelligence or data science certifications might improve employment opportunities and earning possibilities. 

Data Engineer

Data engineers are in charge of creating the data pipeline. Big Data Engineers build data ecosystems that facilitate cross-business connectivity. A doctorate is preferred, although practical experience in computer languages and data administration is also highly valued. These professionals will construct powerful big data environments employing Hadoop and Spark interfaces, fetching some of the highest pay in the AI sector.


Data analyst

Data analysts perform exploratory data analysis to clean the data and prepare it for machine learning models. Based on their findings, data analysts develop valuable reports. Data Analysts must be knowledgeable in Python, analytics tools such as SQL, and business intelligence. High-tech behemoths such as Facebook and Google, among others, pay well for data analyst positions.

Robotics and AI engineer


Robotics and AI complement any practical, automated, and sustainable system. By building and operating AI-based robots, such engineering professions help to advance AI. These individuals are handsomely compensated for their services since they have qualifications in engineering, computer science, or similar subjects and competence in CAD and CAM, vision systems, and so on.

Prompt Engineer

The primary responsibility of the Prompt Engineer is to fine-tune the generative artificial intelligence applications. They create and improve AI-generated text to ensure that AI models respond to user commands in an accurate and relevant manner. Prompt Research Engineer guarantees that Generative AI is attentive to user input.

AI Ethics Officers

AI Ethics Officers must decide whether AI-prompted responses are morally correct or not. AI Ethics Officers ensure that AI tools and systems are created, developed, deployed, and used responsibly and ethically. They frequently have to work/collaborate with all stakeholders from cross-functional teams to ensure that the organisation's policies and processes are in place.