HID Global and Datawatch Systems provide a convenience for property managers and tenants

New Update

HID Global, a secure identity solutions,  announced that Datawatch Systems, a long time HID Advantage Gold Partner, is transforming the tenant experience across numerous high-rise buildings since their early pilot of HID Mobile Access. Datawatch has deployed 3,000 mobile IDs to date at major commercial properties across the United States. The solution is addressing the increasing demand for property management companies and tenants seeking better ways to interact with buildings where people live and work.


“We are seeing a steadily growing number of building managers and occupants who are seeking to use their phones for access control instead of the traditional cards or keyfobs,” said Kenny Reed, Director of Business Development for Datawatch.“ HID Mobile Access has not only facilitated retention of our existing clients, it has also helped expand our market share with a forward-looking offering that easily integrates with smart building technology to create a more connected environment for our clients.”

Datawatch has deployed HID Mobile Access for building entry and access to internal doors, including common building areas, elevators, individual suites and apartments at nearly 30 commercial properties in New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Raleigh, NC and other major cities. Datawatch customers using HID Mobile Access in their buildings under management include CIM Group, Jones Lang LaSalle, Fruition Partners and many more. In addition, the company has installed over 1,200 mobile-ready iCLASS SE readers in new buildings under their management, making it possible for property management companies and tenants to add mobile access at any time.

The company manages the HID Mobile Access solution with the Datawatch DirectAccess system, which can also analyze HVAC load requirements based on when someone enters or exits a suite or common area and adjust temperature settings accordingly -- as well as turn off lights when the last person leaves in area. In the future, Datawatch is exploring further mobile access control integration with air conditioning and heating systems, boilers, video surveillance, and other building utility systems.

“The numerous Datawatch deployments of HID Mobile Access illustrate how the solution is a win-win offering for partners and end customers at a time when the freedom to choose credential types, based on a user’s particular habits, is of utmost importance.” Harm Radstaak, Vice President and Managing Director of Physical Access Control with HID Global. “Interest in mobile access adoption from building managers and tenants reflects what we are seeing across several other major industries, where the incorporation of mobile access in the near future is a given.”

Datawatch is also piloting the new HID Mobile Access Managed Service Edition that expands their credential management capabilities. The latest addition to HID Global’s mobile access solution, which was developed specifically to address the use cases and business model of managed services providers such as Datawatch, enables remote distribution of mobile IDs to employees and authorized visitors for many disparate organizations, such as commercial real-estate tenants, spread across buildings worldwide. This new level of centralization decreases maintenance costs and enhances remote assistance capabilities for users.

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