Here’s How to Fill Digital Skill Gaps in Workforce

Today, about 60 percent of the companies prefer to train their existing employees and prepare them for job roles in the digital economy.

However, it’s a bit challenging as for achieving the same you have to rip up the rule book and review the hiring policies.

The advent of Big Data as a key influencer in the digital transformation, has resulted in companies constantly exploring means to fill skill gaps in their workforce with professionals skilled in this domain.

For filling the skill gap, a leading Indian IT MNC partnered with Simplilearn and the latter offered an integrated training solution with a view to achieving the goals such as –training employees in the area of Big Data, providing course content through tailored content.

To keep up with the rapid growth in this space, an in-house Big Data Academy was set up to fast-track employee training and develop the skills required to work on related assignments. Simplilearn Solution offered an integrated training solution that was a blend of online and virtual classroom sessions.

The training model was scalable. Its self-learning module enabled the client to tackle constraints such as learner location and batch size. Online course content, webinars by Big Data Experts and real-life projects helped the learners get hands-on experience and acquire relevant skills for their jobs.

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