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Here’s Amazon’s best seller book on managing offshore center teams

Global leading book publisher Taylor and Francis (USA) is pleased to announce that its book “Leading and Motivating Global Teams: Integrating Offshore Centers and the Head Office” has achieved good success among the managers working in offshore centers in India. The book was published by the US office of Taylor and Francis in 2017 and is an Amazon #1 best seller book. The US edition of the book achieved good global success among the head offices and offshore centers of global leading companies in the software and hardware industry. The publisher then launched the Indian edition of the book in 2019 and that has been widely adopted by managers working in India offshore centers of global companies.

The book is authored by Vimal Kumar Khanna, who is listed in “Marquis Who’s Who in the World” and is a globally recognised management expert, author and speaker. He has over 35 years industry experience and is currently the founder and Managing Director of mCalibre Technologies, a cross device advertisement targeting product startup. He has headed India offshore centers of leading US companies in the past and the book builds upon his own experiences and case studies from offshore centers of other companies. Vimal has extensively published his sole-authored management papers in global leading journals and conferences, like Project Management Institute (PMI) North America/EMEA/APAC Global Congresses and PMI official global publications, like “PM Network”,  “PMI e-Link”,, “PM World Journal, etc.

Vimal in a conversation with Data Quest said that “It is a known fact that the offshore centers of global companies have highly capable and experienced talent. However, the managers working in offshore centers and head offices of global companies are facing a number of challenges because of which the full potential of the offshore centers is not being realised. In this book, I have identified the challenges being faced both by the managers in the offshore centers and head offices and have suggested multiple techniques, supported by a number of case studies, to address these challenges. The book provides techniques for offshore center managers and head office managers to motivate and manage globally distributed teams, spread across the offshore center and the head office, and thereby achieve higher productivity. Readers learn how to integrate the offshore center with the head office to make the offshore team an extension of the head office. While integrating teams with the head office, offshore center managers can still retain independence and authority to meet team aspirations, and can also retain the local work culture.”

“The book provides insight into devising new organizational structures to balance the authority and responsibilities of offshore center and head office managers. The book also suggests techniques using which the managers in offshore centers can convince the head office to offshore core projects instead of simple peripheral projects. The book also suggests techniques that allow the employees within the offshore centers to achieve good global career growth and even reach global top positions of the company. The book further suggests means to win fair representation of offshore center managers in global committees of the company. Finally, the book suggests means using which offshore centers can make major strategic contributions to the parent company, instead of just remaining low cost engineering centers. Thus, the book guides both the managers in the offshore center and the managers in the head office to fully realise the potential of the offshore center, which can result in higher revenues and profitability.”

Vimal further added: “It is heartening when the readers find the contents of my book useful in performing their duties as managers in offshore centers and head offices of global companies. One example is the global leader of cloud infrastructure products Calix Inc. placing bulk order of 40 book copies for managers working in its US head office and China offshore center. The other example is of Hughes Systique, the software arm of Hughes Group – USA, adopting the book for its India offshore center. Both the companies have been highly appreciative in their Amazon reviews of the usefulness of my book contents.”

The following are the book reviews of Calix Inc. on and Hughes Systique on respectively:

Jena Baker, Calix: We have found the techniques and case studies discussed in the book very helpful. Many of the insights have aided us in working through the common challenges that all innovative high tech companies are currently facing.

Vinod Sood, Hughes Systique: I head the India operations of Global R&D and Capability centers of one of the US-based hi-tech R&D companies. This book provides very useful and detailed insights into the working of these companies in India. A practitioner’s guide to build, manage and motivate the teams here in India to meet and exceed the expectations of the principals. Gives details of best practices along with objective data which can be implemented to achieve superior results. Will recommend to all Program/Engineering/Delivery and General Managers of ODC’s/GCC’s.

The book is competitively priced at Rs. 995 and available on Amazon India.

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