Helping Customers in the Cloud Adaption and Migration Journey: Rajesh Thadhani, Crayon

Crayon invested in Cloud Architects who are skilled and help IT along with the ISV Partner network to get the right solutions

Crayon Software plays a key role in digitally transforming customer workloads in the cloud. This shift is becoming the driving force for enterprises all over the world. Crayon Partner ISVs are instrumental in navigating customers from their existing on-premise environment to the cloud. Dataquest had a candid talk with Rajesh Thadhani, Director, Crayon Software Experts India Pvt. Ltd. where he spoke about Crayon’s journey with their partners and future plans.

Q. What steps are you planning on taking to tap the growing need of efficiency?

A. ISVs are the building blocks in the digital transformation journey. We are helping these ISV-partners to go-to-market really fast and that’s where the efficiency comes into place. ISVs have their strengths and competencies all around the solution they are creating. They build those solutions which the business needs but they don’t have the muscle to go to these customers. We are giving them the reach to these customers and put them right in front of the customers.

It’s a win-win for both the ISV-Partner & the customer.The ISV gets his play and the customer gets the right industry specific solution. We also have a Managed Service division that helps Partners to move workloads of customers with the required migration skills.

Q. What are the key enterprise IT challenges which Crayon software is trying to address?

A. The biggest challenge is the skill set. There are not many people who understand cloud technology. We have invested in Cloud Architects who are skilled and help IT along with the ISV Partner network to get the right solutions. The key challenge I would say for enterprise IT is Optimisation of resources and costs. And Cloud has the capability to take care of both the concerns.

Q. What are the recent developments at the company?

A. We are fairly new so every day is a new learning. Being a small Organisation we are extremely flexible and agile. Fortunately for us the strategies we had adapted over the last few years have been right and the recent developments are all around strengthening the same. Like Cloud analytics has been our strength and now everyone understands the importance.

Q. Which are the verticals growing rapidly?

A. The traction is coming from everywhere. The largest piece of business on cloud is application migrations, a lot of SAAS will occupy the cloud going forward. Artificial Intelligence churned with business intelligence is transforming business. Digital transformation is playing a key role in every vertical. Cloud is the future electricity for every business.

Q. Are there any recent developments with the government?

A. Government has been driving the digital wave in their journey to build smart cities, We typically do not engage directly with the government. We work very closely with our government partners who align and work closely with the government and we give partners the support in terms of addressing the requirement they would have with them.

Q. What are the company’s future plans?

A. We are a born as a cloud company and will always remain the same. As mentioned on the Crayon tagline, “We help our customers by optimising their complex IT estates” – We will want to make the cloud journey a seamless experience by helping them optimise their environment. It is important to understanding their existing install base of software licenses that can be used in the cloud. This improves their return on investment on software purchases while optimizing the scale up and down benefits of the cloud infrastructure.

In the next 6 to 12 months, we plan to get into multi-cloud strategies. We are pursuing more tie-ups with cloud vendors and more solutions from ISV to help customers in their cloud acceleration and digital transformation journey.

Written by Ankit Parashar

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