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HCL Launches Next Gen Research Platform to Accelerate Drug Discovery

HCL Technologies (HCL) announced its Next Generation Research Platform (NGRP), a pre-competitive drug-discovery ecosystem built with open standards. This Platform will provide research scientists with a collaborative ecosystem, greater computational resources, and the ability to mine research data to make more informed scientific decisions, while improving productivity by automating and eliminating manual administrative tasks.

The NGRP is designed to alleviate the technological, economic, and administrative costs that legacy systems and aging technologies pose to pharmaceutical companies. By some estimates, large pharma companies are spending a significant amount of their IT budgets on maintaining these systems. By helping to reduce the expenses associated with legacy systems, the NGRP will free up time and budgetary resources for implementing new capabilities. The NGRP also leverages a design thinking process and journey mapping to simplify a day in the life of a scientist. The Platform allows increased collaboration, the leveraging of innovative technology, improved access to research data, and an increase in the scientist’s productivity.

For the NGRP, HCL has included managed services in a software-as-a-service model that eliminates the need to manage hardware or maintain and upgrade software for every technology refresh cycle. HCL will also leverage its proprietary DRYiCETM Platform and invest in the high automation of shared operational services, including Dev Ops, regression testing for change and release to reduce cost of services. The best of breed platform approach also helps rationalize research technology portfolio and further reduce costs.

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