HCL Infosystems: On the Top Rung

High Scores

Score Industry Rank
Well thought out appraisal parameters 100.0 1
Fair appraisal system 100.0 1
Exciting growth opportunities 100.0 1

Low Scores

Score Industry Rank
Positive work environment 99.3 2
Encouraged to take risk in work 78.7 4
Less stress at work 79.6 8

Dream Job

Score Industry Rank
Growth Opportunity 56.4 1
Job security/stability 55.1 3
Organization culture/work climate 29.5 15

Strong growth and financials, a dream stock market performance, and big increments kept employees excited
Performed poorly on the HR front. Needs to improve organizational HR benchmark to keep up the high satisfaction levels
Employee Size

From the #11 position last year, how did it manage to leapfrog to the top of
the ladder? Just ask its employees who rated it the best on all employee
satisfaction parameters.

ML Taneja, VP (HRD)

HCL Infosystems’ performance on the employee satisfaction barometer was just
near perfect-it was rated the best on all employee satisfaction parameters:
appraisal process, compensation, people, overall satisfaction, company image and
culture, job content and training. Factors like ‘I would recommend the company
to close friends’, ‘I get a sense of professional and personal accomplishment
from my work’, ‘the company is open to ideas and suggestions given by
employees’, ‘I have the freedom to make decisions on my own relating to my work’
generated the best ratings.

The dramatic rise in employee satisfaction can be attributed to some key
factors. Compensation received an overall facelift; incentive schemes were
strengthened; people who already held company shares saw valuation rise and
employees were allotted equity shares under the employee stock option scheme.
The bull run has significantly increased the wealth for its employees.

HCL Infosystems has also performed remarkably well in other two
sub-parameters: growth opportunity and job security. While 56% of the
respondents found the growth opportunity offered by the company exciting enough
to satisfy their career needs, nearly 55% felt that it offered complete job
security. Though employees expressed satisfaction over the compensation offered,
most felt that it was below the industry standard. This remains an area of
concern for the company.

On critical HR parameters, however, HCL Infosystems was ranked much lower. It
came at #13 on the retention scorecard-a drop of eight places from 2004-and even
failed to make it to the Top 20 in training and salary hike. Though its #4 rank
on ‘average tenure with the company’ clearly indicated higher stability at the
senior level-a positive factor for any company aspiring to be the perfect

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